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BRIEF January 15, 2018

Results in the Latin America and the Caribbean region


Women in Pernambuco, Brazil.

Mariana Kaipper Ceratti/World Bank

Here are the latest results stories (2017-2018) of the World Bank support in Latin America and the Caribbean. These highlights give a much deeper understanding of our commitment to a better future for the people in the region.


Strengthening Climate Knowledge and Sector Strategies in Argentina

Using Income Transfers to Improve the Lives of Families with Children and the Unemployed in Argentina


Eliminating Ozone Depleting Substances in the Bahamas through a Terminal Phase-Out Management Plan


Improving Local Governance in Belize’s Municipalities


Promoting Innovation in Bolivian Agriculture

Providing Opportunities for Poor Children and Youth in Bolivia


Improving Access to Public Services for Vulnerable Groups in Bahia, Brazil

Enhancing Small Farmers’ Business Competitiveness in Santa Catarina, Brazil

Water Management in Latin America’s Most Dense Cities: The São Paulo Experience

Amazonas: Modernizing Public Sector Management, Citizen Security and Gender Policies Development Policy Loan

Improving Access to Major Agricultural Areas in Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil

Improving Public Education and the Use of Public Resources in Education in the State of Pernambuco, Brazil

Promoting Sustainable Development in Brazil’s Pampa Biome

Reducing Inequality in the State of Bahia, Brazil

Providing Better Accessibility to Rural Communities in São Paulo, Brazil


Laying the Foundations for a More Inclusive Society in Chile

Promoting Equity Improvement, Public Sector Modernization, and Sustainable Investment in Chile

Dominica Republic:

Contributing to Post-Storm Recovery in the Dominican Republic

Including the Excluded: Improving Social Protection Services in the Dominican Republic

Improving Health Coverage and Access for Mothers, Children and People with Chronic Conditions in the Dominican Republic

El Salvador:

Strengthening Local Governments Through Citizen Engagement in El Salvador

Promoting Inclusive Growth in El Salvador: Improving Social Outcomes for Vulnerable Groups


Improving Maternal and Neonatal Health in the Department of Sololá, Guatemala


Rapidly Assessing the Impact of Hurricane Matthew in Haiti

Improving Access to Education for the Poor in Haiti


Achieving Macroeconomic Stabilization: Towards Equitable Fiscal Adjustment in Honduras

Decentralizing Water and Sanitation Services: The Honduras Experience

Setting a Historical Precedent for Land Rights in Honduras: Improving Decentralized Land Administration Services


Switching on Remote Communities through Electricity Access in Mexico

Moving Toward a Knowledge-Based Economy: Improving Competitiveness in Mexico’s Information Technology Industry

Delivering Better Water Services to Mexicans

Improving Flexibility, Quality and Equity in Upper Secondary Education in Mexico

Preparing Mexico’s Urban Transport Sector for a Low-Carbon Transition

Transforming a Market Toward Low-Carbon Growth in Mexico


An innovative approach: Transforming the preschool education quality model in Nicaragua

Toward more Shared Prosperity in Nicaragua

Strengthening the Family and Community Health Care Model in Nicaragua


Strengthening Shared Prosperity in Panama: Fostering inclusive growth and better opportunities for the marginalized and vulnerable


Protecting the Atlantic Forest: Creating a Biodiversity Corridor in Eastern Paraguay


Better crops with better irrigation: Boosting Agricultural Performance in the Peruvian Sierra

Enhancing Access and Quality of Justice Services in Peru

Improving Maternal and Child Health and Nutrition in Peru

Strengthening Results and Accountability Frameworks in Education, Health, and Nutrition in Peru

Strengthening Environmental Management and Reducing Degradation in Peru


Uruguay buys insurance against lack of rain and high oil prices


Financing Conservation and Management of the Eastern Caribbean Marine Ecosystem

Providing a Knowledge Platform to Support Environmentally Sustainable Infrastructure Construction in Latin America

Improving the Rural Water and Sanitation Information Systems in Latin America and the Caribbean Region

- Results stories before 2017 - 

Moving Toward a Knowledge-Based Economy: Improving Competitiveness in Mexico’s Information Technology Industry
Rapidly Assessing the Impact of Hurricane Matthew in Haiti
Rapidly Assessing the Impact of Hurricane Matthew in Haiti