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The World Bank, IFC and MIGA can assist clients with: financing public projects and programs, supporting policy reform, providing technical advice and analysis, managing financial risk, attracting and financing private sector investments.

Promoting Sustainable Standards

Operations Policies

Our Policies and Procedures apply to all financing and advisory services, and detail roles and responsibilities of The World Bank and our Borrowers.

Environmental and Social Framework (ESF)

The ESF enables the World Bank and Borrowers to better manage environmental and social risks of projects and to improve development outcomes.

Procurement Framework for Projects

Our Framework emphasizes choice, quality, and value for public spending, while enabling adaptation to country contexts.

Financial Management (FM)

We support borrowing countries in improving their FM performance and capacity, encouraging transparency, and providing assurance on the use of Bank financing.

Results and Impact

Visit the Results website to see how we track progress and results of projects, access the Corporate Scorecard and IDA Results.


Bhutan's COVID-19 Response

Emergency financing has gone towards preventing and detecting COVID, strengthening preparedness, supporting contact tracing and early warning systems and funding the procurement of medical and testing supplies. All Bhutan’s hospitals and 78 primary health centers received test kits and all 20 district health authorities were provided with personal protective equipment (PPE) and other supplies.


Haiti: All-Weather Roads for Connectivity, Logistics, and Resilience

Increasing the share of rural population with access to an all-weather road, improving access to urban and rural markets for producers, and enhancing resilience to climate change.