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    Rosa Delgado

    Resident Representative for Guinea-Bissau

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    • Africa Pulse
      Apr 05, 2024

      Africa’s Pulse

      Short term economic prospects for the continent, its current development challenges.

    • cpia
      Sep 12, 2023

      CPIA Africa

      The 2023 Africa Country Policy and Institutional Assessment (CPIA) report covers the period January to December 2022. The overall average score for Sub-Saharan Africa’s IDA-eligible countries remained unchanged in 2022 ...

    • afr-ida-20-780.jpg
      Apr 05, 2024

      IDA Impact in Africa

      With IDA’s help, hundreds of millions of people have escaped poverty—through the creation of jobs, access to clean water, schools, roads, nutrition, electricity, and more.

    • The World Bank

      World Bank Africa Multimedia

      Watch, listen and click through the latest videos, podcasts and slideshows highlighting the World Bank’s work in Sub-Saharan Africa.

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    For general information and inquiries
    Marco Antonio Medina Silva
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