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A report expects the economy to gradually recover on the back of rising oil prices, with GDP forecasted to grow by 1.9% in 2021.



Saroj Kumar Jha

Regional Director for the Mashreq

Ramzi Neman

Représentant spécial de la Banque mondiale en Irak

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May 31, 2021

Iraq Human Development Public Expenditure Review: Addressing the Human ...

The Iraq Human Development Public Expenditure Review builds on existing data and exerts an exceptional effort to collect spending and sector information amidst a data scarce and fragmented environment.

Economic Growth Analytics May 27, 2021

Iraq Economic Monitor: Seizing the Opportunity for Reforms and Managing ...

The Spring 2021 issue of the Iraq Economic Monitor provides an in-depth review of the latest macroeconomic and policy developments in the aftermath of COVID-19 and the collapse in oil prices.

Apr 02, 2021

MENA Economic Update — Living with Debt: How Institutions Can Chart a Path to ...

The substantial borrowing that MENA governments incurred to finance health and social protection measures increased government debt. Countries must continue spending on health and income transfers, which will add to already high debt burdens and lead to complicated policy decisions after the pandemic recedes.

Apr 02, 2021

Iraq's Economic Update — April 2021

The twin shocks took a heavy toll on Iraq’s economy, with GDP (at factor cost) posting a contraction of 10.4% in 2020.

Sep 30, 2020

Breaking Out of Fragility: A Country Economic Memorandum for Diversification ...

New report highlights what Iraq can do to sustain future growth, and shows why it has not managed to achieve high growth alongside peace, stability, and better standard of living for the Iraqis.

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