We must reduce the carbon footprint of the transport sector while protecting infrastructure against the impact of climate change.


Discover how we’re helping countries lower the number of traffic fatalities and protect the lives of all road users.


Under the SuM4All initiative, leading public and private organizations are joining efforts to transform transport for the better.



Guangzhe CHEN

Senior Director, Transport Global Practice, the World Bank Group

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Leaders in Urban Transport Planning

LUTP is a capacity-building program that offers participants a pragmatic yet comprehensive approach to urban transport planning and management.


Global Road Safety Facility

The facility provides funding, knowledge, and technical assistance to help low-and middle- income countries address the global epidemic of road deaths and injuries.

Africa Transport Policy Program

As African economies continue to grow and expand, the transport sector becomes even more critical for promoting a people-centered development agenda in the region.

Designing a Way Out for Improving Urban Transport Services

This report describes how severe congestion, poor air quality, increases in road accidents, and growth in energy consumption are resulting from rapid motorization in cities around the globe.

Public-Private Infrastructure Advisory Facility

The Public-Private Infrastructure Advisory Facility (PPIAF) supports governments to develop infrastructure projects with private sector participation.

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