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The Global Facility to Decarbonize Transport (GFDT)

Changing the Way We Move

About GFDT

Increasing demands for mobility and climate action are at the center of a 21st century approach to transport.

Emissions from transport already account for 20% of the world’s GHG emissions. With the rapid pace of urbanization and motorization in developing countries, this could increase by 60% by 2050.

Reliance on carbon-intensive transport harms the climate and people, and the poorest countries and communities pay the heaviest toll.

To break this cycle, we must fundamentally change the way we move people and goods. And we must do it now.


The GFDT is a multi-donor trust fund, established in 2021, that aims to achieve carbon neutrality in transport by 2050. Our funding, knowledge and project preparation support will enable developing countries to build safe, modern, inclusive and resilient transport systems that are not emissions-intensive. We are the first and only program that takes a truly global and integrated approach to transport decarbonization.

Our vision is a world where developing countries do not have to choose between development and climate action.

With the right investments in high-quality public transport, well-connected cities, non-motorized transport options, and cleaner technologies, achieving development progress and climate targets can be mutually reinforcing.

Our impact will extend beyond decarbonization to benefit people who are disconnected from jobs, essential services, and opportunities, including women and those living in rural areas.

Logo of the Global Facility to Decarbonize Transport (GFDT)

About the Program

The Global Facility to Decarbonize Transport (GFDT) is a multi-donor trust fund that aims to accelerate innovation and investment toward climate-smart mobility solutions.
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