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Global Facility to Decarbonize Transport (GFDT)


GFDT solicits grant proposals from World Bank teams each August. Proposals are reviewed by a committee of transport specialists each September, with funding disbursed to selected grantees each October.

Grantees provide regular progress reports to GFDT staff and partners. A comprehensive Results Framework ensures grant-funded activities meet GFDT’s objectives.


2024 Grantees

Greening Transport in Nepal's Kathmandu Valley

GFDT Kathmandu

Greening Transport in Nepal's Kathmandu Valley

Grant: $200,000

In Nepal’s Kathmandu Valley, rapid urbanization has exacerbated traffic congestion, road crashes, and air pollution. Existing public transport services suffer from inefficiency and poor safety standards, prompting residents to increasingly favor private modes of transport, further increasing congestion. Overcoming these many challenges require innovative solutions.

This GFDT grant will empower the newly established Transport Authority in the Kathmandu Valley to strategically reshape the urban mobility landscape. The project comprises two key components: the development of a sustainable public transport strategic plan, a bus reorganization strategy, and a pre-feasibility study for an integrated mass transit program; and the creation of a roadmap for electrifying buses and two- and three-wheelers. By remapping routes, promoting a shift to non-motorized transport, and decarbonizing the public transport sector, the project aims to significantly enhance transport efficiency, safety, and environmental sustainability in the region.

2023 Grantees

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About the Program

The Global Facility to Decarbonize Transport (GFDT) is a multi-donor trust fund that aims to accelerate innovation and investment toward climate-smart mobility solutions.
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