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Grievance Redress Service

The Grievance Redress Service (GRS) is an avenue for people and communities to submit complaints directly to the World Bank if they believe a Bank-funded project has or is likely to adversely affect them.

The GRS ensures that complaints received at the corporate level are promptly and proactively addressed by fostering dialogue and problem solving as well as applying relevant dispute resolution tools. The GRS’ activities and complaint-handling processes are guided by the GRS Bank Procedure.

Submit a Complaint



Complaints admissibility criteria:

  • The issues raised are related to an active World Bank-financed project.
  • The complaint is submitted by individuals and/or communities, or their representative, who believe that they are or may be affected by an active World Bank-financed project.
  • The complaint must have an allegation of harm due to operations caused by an active World Bank-financed project.

The GRS cannot address the following matters:

  • Anonymous complaints;
  • Issues not related to an active World Bank-financed project;
  • Issues connected to a World Bank-financed project that is closed;
  • Procurement-related complaints. For further information regarding procurement-related complaints kindly review the Procurement Guidance: Procurement-related Complaints.
  • Allegations of fraud or corruption in World Bank-financed projects. For complaints involving fraud or corruption, please contact the World Bank Office of Institutional Integrity (INT).
  • Complaints related to IFC or MIGA projects are not admissible under the GRS Procedure. These complaints should be submitted to the Compliance Advisor Ombudsman (CAO) of the IFC. 


Who and How

Who can submit a complaint?

Any individual or community who believes that a World Bank-financed project has or is likely to, adversely affect them. 

How to file a complaint?

  • Complaints must be in writing and addressed to the World Bank Grievance Redress Service (GRS).

This GRS complaint form may be used.

  • Complaints will be accepted by email, letter, and by hand delivery at the World Bank Headquarters in Washington or any World Bank Country Office.

Email: grievances@worldbank.org

The World Bank
Grievance Redress Service (GRS)
MSN MC 10-1018
1818 H St NW
Washington, DC 20433, USA


Is confidentiality of identity available?

If requested, the complainant’s identity will be kept confidential. This means that, the GRS will not share the complainant’s identity with any other World Bank staff or any external person without the complainant’s written authorization.

Is it necessary to produce any evidence?

Supporting evidence is not necessary to submit a complaint to the GRS but it may help in reviewing and responding to the complaint.

What languages are acceptable for submitting complaints?

The GRS accepts complaints in any official language of a World Bank member country.

What types of complaints are not eligible for review by GRS?

The GRS does not review complaints involving issues related to:

Does using the GRS restrict access to the Inspection Panel?

No, the use of the GRS does not restrict access to the Inspection Panel.

Does the GRS replace project-level mechanisms?

No, the GRS is a last resort management-led mechanism at the World Bank corporate level.

Is there a way to provide feedback on the GRS Procedure and/or operations? 

Complainants and relevant stakeholders are encouraged to provide feedback on the GRS. Feedback may be sent to the GRS via email: grievances@worldbank.org.