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The world is facing a set of intertwined challenges: climate crisis, debt, food insecurity, pandemics, and fragility; and a need to accelerate access to clean air, water, and energy. Time is of the essence.

We need a better Bank to address these challenges – but also a better Bank for the challenges of tomorrow.

The G20 Leaders challenged the World Bank Group to change and be a more significant part of the solution – with the ambition for speed, simplicity, better leveraging our balance sheet, and engaging partners and the private sector. We are in the process of implementing their recommendations.  

We are building a faster, quicker Bank. We want to become a better partner to governments, the private sector, and, ultimately, the people we serve. 

All of these steps to become better and faster are pointed at one thing – impact. That is our watchword and yardstick of accountability... We have more work to do but our pace is set and our ambition is clear... When we are done, the world will have a better Bank.
Ajay Banga
Ajay Banga
Better Bank Financial Innovation
Capital Adequacy Framework

We are squeezing our balance sheet and using new tools to take more risk and boost our lending. Adjustments to our loan to equity ratio, a portfolio guarantee mechanism, and a hybrid capital instrument are enabling us to take more risks and boost our lending capacity further.

MIGA Guarantees
Private Sector & Partnerships

The new Private Sector Investment Lab is enabling us to identify barriers and potential solutions to investment in emerging markets. Four areas of focus have emerged from this work: regulatory certainty, political risk insurance, foreign exchange risk, and helping to create an originate to distribute model.

Skyline of Lusaka, Zambia
Private Sector & Partnerships

A new guarantee platform is delivering deliver simplicity, improved access, and faster payment execution, putting us on a path to triple our annual guarantee issuances to $20 billion by 2030 – and over time multiply our mobilization of private capital many times.

The World Bank
Private Sector & Partnerships

GEMs, the Global Emerging Markets Risk Database Consortium, is comprised of 25 multilateral development banks and development finance institutions. The World Bank Group and the GEMs Consortium are driving transparency and mobilizing private investment in emerging markets by releasing comprehensive credit risk data.

Knowledge Bank

Knowledge has been critical to the World Bank for 80 years and we are refocusing the World Bank not just as a funding mechanism, but as a knowledge mechanism. To do this, we are bringing experts to the forefront of our country driven model – sitting with governments to craft focused development plans that are a marriage of their ambition and our expertise.

Keeping Score: Driving Action for Results
Corporate Scorecard

Accountability and focus underpins all of our work. Our new scorecard is a yardstick of accountability and cornerstone of our work to be more efficient - scaling for impact and incentivizing output, not input. This tool allows our shareholders – and taxpayers – to clearly see the impact we are making with their trust.

Dominica after Hurricane Maria

The World Bank Group is rolling out an expanded Crisis Preparedness and Response Toolkit to help developing countries better respond to crises and build resilience against future shocks.