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What Is a Green Job? | The Development Podcast

The Development Podcast: What Is a Green Job?

Transitioning away from fossil fuels could create as many as 30 million ‘green’ jobs in clean energy and low-emissions technologies by 2030. But what exactly is a ‘green job’? 

Debt Markets
Debt Crisis

Silent debt crisis engulfing some developing economies

While some developing economies are finally seeing light at the end of the tunnel, others with the weakest credit ratings remain stuck in a debt trap with no hope of escape anytime soon.

World Governments Summit Fireside Chat

World Governments Summit Fireside Chat

Ajay explains how the Bank is simplifying and speeding up lending, working with private sector and country partners, and streamlining processes.  

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Open Data On selection, change the data Extreme poverty trends

While overall extreme poverty is projected to decrease, it’s a different story for poverty rates in countries affected by fragility, conflict, or violence. 


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