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Fragility Forum 2024: Adapting and Innovating in a Volatile World

Join us this week as leading experts explore the successes and failures of developmental efforts in countries affected by fragility, conflict, and violence. 

World Bank’s Expanded Crisis Toolkit: Responding to Challenges in an Era of Crises | Expert Answers
Expert Answers

Responding to Challenges in an Era of Crises

This new Expert Answers episode explores how the World Bank's expanded crisis toolkit will empower countries in the face of overlapping and intertwined crises.

Fragile Settings

Tackling Fragility, Conflict, and Violence Head-On

Fragility, conflict, and violence are global challenges. As the Fragility Forum 2024 takes place, find out how the World Bank Group supports fragile and conflict-affected countries worldwide.

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Open Data On selection, change the data Extreme poverty trends

While overall extreme poverty is projected to decrease, it’s a different story for poverty rates in countries affected by fragility, conflict, or violence. 


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