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Global Facility to Decarbonize Transport (GFDT)

Our Partners

GFDT is seeking $100 million over 10 years to achieve our mission and make our vision a reality. After launching in 2021, GFDT currently has four funders who comprise our partnership council:

  • Germany (Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development)
  • Luxembourg (Ministry of Mobility and Public Works)
  • The Netherlands (Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management)
  • The United Kingdom (Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy)

GFDT will enable the World Bank and the donor community to pool their resources and knowledge, helping move big projects that otherwise could not go forward.

The World Bank’s expertise and convening power will give donors a unique opportunity to amplify the impact of their contributions.

Donors to GFDT will play a key role in shaping the work program, defining priorities, and monitoring results.

For more information about becoming a GFDT partner, please contact: Shokraneh  Minovi, Partnership Specialist, World Bank (


Logo of the Global Facility to Decarbonize Transport (GFDT)

About the Program

The Global Facility to Decarbonize Transport (GFDT) is a multi-donor trust fund that aims to accelerate innovation and investment toward climate-smart mobility solutions.

Contact Us

Shokraneh Minovi
Washington, DC