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The latest research, analysis, and commentary from the leading experts in infrastructure and public-private partnerships.



Imad N. Fakhoury

Director of Infrastructure Finance, PPPs & Guarantees (IPG) Group

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PPP Knowledge Lab

The PPP Knowledge Lab provides the most relevant resources on public-private partnerships in one location to empower governments and their advisors to design and deliver best-in-class infrastructure projects.


PPIAF provides technical assistance and knowledge grants to governments to support the creation of a sound enabling environment for the provision of infrastructure services by the private sector.

CP3P Certification

The CP3P (Certified Public-Private Partnerships Professional) is the ultimate credential for PPP professionals, providing standardized knowledge for the delivery quality and sustainable PPP projects worldwide.

PPP Legal Resource Center (PPPLRC)

PPPLRC provides easy access to an array of sample legal materials which can assist in the planning, design and legal structuring of any infrastructure project.

IFC PPPs Website

IFC's advice in PPPs helps national and municipal governments partner with the private sector to improve access to education, energy, transport, healthcare, and sanitation.

Quick Reads on InfraFinance

The Quick Reads on InfraFinance series offer a concise perspective to some of the most frequent issues facing infrastructure finance professionals ensuring sustainable and bankable projects in developing countries.

World Bank Group PPP Project Briefs

Browse the 2-page Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) project briefs below by region or sector.

MDB Infrastructure Investment Project Briefs

See how the multilateral development banks have come together to support the development and implementation of public-private partnerships.

Private Participation in Infrastructure Database

The PPI Database identifies and disseminates information on private participation in infrastructure projects in low- and middle-income countries.

PPP Webinar

Check out our Webinars to learn the latest trend and knowledge on infrastructure PPPs.

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