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The World Bank's Global Report, Enhancing Government Effectiveness & Transparency: The Fight Against Corruption is out now.

Governance & Institutions

This page is dedicated to Governance & Institutions COVID-19 Response Resources.



Edward Olowo-Okere

Director, Governance Global Practice

Vinay Sharma

Global Director, Solutions and Innovations in Procurement, Governance Global Practice

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Press Release

Curbing Corruption in the Midst of a Pandemic is More Important Than Ever, ...

Progress against corruption can be made even under the most challenging conditions, a new World Bank report finds.


Working in partnership is key to fighting corruption

Mari Pangestu, Managing Director of Policy & Partnerships, World Bank, stresses the need for cooperation and coordination in the fight against corruption.

Guidance Note

Ensuring Better PFM Outcomes with FMIS Investments

An operational guidance note for FMIS project teams designing and implementing FMIS solutions.


Managing the Public Sector Wage Bill during COVID-19

This note provides suggestions on managing the public sector wage bill to best achieve the difficult balance between fiscal consolidation, protection of lives and livelihoods, service delivery, and job restoration.


Coming Together While Staying Apart: Facilitating Collective Action through ...

This paper proposes to think about handling the pandemic as a collective action problem that can be alleviated by policies that foster trust and social connection.


Anticorruption Initiatives : Reaffirming Commitment to a Development Priority ...

This paper draws on these lessons and proposes a new approach, both in terms of what we work on and how we work, focusing on initiatives to be led by the Bank’s EFI vice presidency to reaffirm the Bank’s commitment to ...


Building Effective, Accountable, and Inclusive Institutions in Europe and ...

This publication builds on the World Bank’s vast engagement across ECA and on the 2019 regional governance conference.


Ensuring State Continuity During the Coronavirus Pandemic

The global pandemic calls for effective, accountable, and inclusive governments to lead COVID-19 responses through policy, coordination, and fast, agile implementation.


COVID-19 Challenges & Response: How Procurement Underpins the World Bank’s ...

The World Bank Group is committed to providing a fast, flexible response to the coronavirus pandemic.


Global Public Procurement Database

A World Bank initiative with the objective of meeting the increasing demand for a global knowledge product that captures data about country procurement systems and eProcurement implementations.

Policy Brief

The Fight against Corruption: Taming Tigers and Swatting Flies

Countries are not condemned to suffer from corruption. They can break the vicious cycle with a comprehensive approach that tackles country-specific governance gaps.


Improving Public Sector Performance: Through Innovation and Inter-Agency ...

This report is an inaugural issue in a new series that aims to offer a fresh look at how developing countries are overcoming persistent problems in public sector management.

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