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The World Bank's Global Report, Enhancing Government Effectiveness & Transparency: The Fight Against Corruption is out now.

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This page is dedicated to Governance & Institutions COVID-19 Response Resources.



Edward Olowo-Okere

Director, Governance Global Practice

Vinay Sharma

Global Director, Solutions and Innovations in Procurement, Governance Global Practice

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Governance and Institutional Issues in COVID-19 Vaccination

Success in the COVID-19 vaccination program requires that large numbers of people get the vaccine quickly, equitably, & effectively. This involves both the willing participation of the population & well-functioning government administration of the program. The overall government vaccine program efficiency and effectiveness will depend on citizens’ trust in the vaccine efficacy as well as in government’s approach to vaccination. The purpose of this note is to summarize some of the key governance and institutional issues surrounding rapid universal vaccination.

Leadership Training Toolkit for State-Owned Enterprises

The SOE Leadership Toolkit was developed jointly by the World Bank and IFC to support countries’ efforts to build capacity of State ownership entities, SOE boards, and SOE senior management. It addresses the growing need for curricula specifically adapted for SOEs, considering the significant role and impact of SOEs on public finances, the economy and delivery of services. The SOE Leadership Toolkit allows for use by different training providers, such as government training institutions, Institutes of Directors, corporate governance and ESG associations, and professional bodies or universities.


Disruptive Technologies in Public Procurement

This study provides an overview of selected technologies identified as “disruptive” that could be useful to public procurement.


Climate Change Budget Tagging: A Review of International Experience

This report is to provide development practitioners and government officials with an understanding of the context and key design features of climate budget tagging initiatives.


Designing Effective Climate Legislation - Launch of World Bank Reference ...

This was a joint event of the World Bank and the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment at the London School of Economics and Political Sciences launching the World Bank's reference guide on climate legislation.


World Bank Reference Guide to Climate Change Framework Legislation

The twelve key principles for framework legislation laid out in this guide can contribute to building back better by helping countries to lay a solid foundation for climate-smart development that creates new jobs and markets, boosts economic growth, and provides a safer, cleaner environment for all.


GovTech Launch Report and Short-Term Action Plan

This report presents the work program priorities for the first two years of the World Bank’s GovTech Global Partnership (GTGP), drawing upon the trends in GovTech applications and lessons learned from the last 25 years of the Bank’s support to governments using technology to improve the effectiveness of the public administration and service delivery.

Event Replay

Tech for Integrity: International Anti-Corruption Day

This session focused on the development of innovative tools, solutions and approaches to help control corruption, and explored how they can help control corruption risks at the country level.


Preventing and Managing Conflicts of Interest in the Public Sector : Good ...

The Guide is intended as a resource for policymakers, practitioners and civil society in strengthening conflict of interest regulations and systems. It illustrates experiences and good practices in managing and preventing conflicts of interest from countries in the G20 and beyond, drawing on the experience and expertise of the World Bank, the OECD and the UNODC. The Guide supplements the G20 High-Level Principles for Preventing and Managing Conflicts of Interest in the Public Sector, adopted by the G20 Anticorruption Working Group in 2018.


Public Investment Management Reference Guide

The Public Investment Management (PIM) Reference Guide aims to convey country experiences and good international practices as a basis for decisions on how to address country-specific PIM reform agendas.

Press Release

Curbing Corruption in the Midst of a Pandemic is More Important Than Ever, ...

Progress against corruption can be made even under the most challenging conditions, a new World Bank report finds.


Working in partnership is key to fighting corruption

Mari Pangestu, Managing Director of Policy & Partnerships, World Bank, stresses the need for cooperation and coordination in the fight against corruption.

Guidance Note

Ensuring Better PFM Outcomes with FMIS Investments

An operational guidance note for FMIS project teams designing and implementing FMIS solutions.


Managing the Public Sector Wage Bill during COVID-19

This note provides suggestions on managing the public sector wage bill to best achieve the difficult balance between fiscal consolidation, protection of lives and livelihoods, service delivery, and job restoration.


Coming Together While Staying Apart: Facilitating Collective Action through ...

This paper proposes to think about handling the pandemic as a collective action problem that can be alleviated by policies that foster trust and social connection.


Anticorruption Initiatives: Reaffirming Commitment to a Development Priority (...

This paper draws on these lessons and proposes a new approach, both in terms of what we work on and how we work, focusing on initiatives to be led by the Bank’s EFI vice presidency to reaffirm the Bank’s commitment to anticorruption.


Building Effective, Accountable, and Inclusive Institutions in Europe and ...

This publication builds on the World Bank’s vast engagement across ECA and on the 2019 regional governance conference.


Global Public Procurement Database

A World Bank initiative with the objective of meeting the increasing demand for a global knowledge product that captures data about country procurement systems and eProcurement implementations.

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