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PEFA at 20 Years and Beyond

December 1-2, 2021




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  • The PEFA Secretariat is celebrating its 20-Year Anniversary by organizing a virtual conference on December 1 and 2. The conference is open to all policy makers, practitioners, academics, and development partners to discuss the role of public financial management in building green, resilient, and inclusive development, and in supporting recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

    The event is in English, with simultaneous interpretation available in French and Spanish.



    20 years ago, the Public Expenditure and Financial Accountability (PEFA) Program was established as a means to harmonize public financial management (PFM) assessments and to facilitate dialogue between governments and development partners. Since 2005, PEFA assessment framework has become the acknowledged standard for PFM diagnostic tools – and has been used in more than 150 countries with over 650 assessment reports. Countries at different levels of income and development have successfully used PEFA, both at the national and the subnational levels, to identify the strengths and weaknesses of their PFM systems and develop PFM reform improvements.

    PFM systems have been under pressure under evolving situations and challenges over the last two decades. Those pressures are particularly evident right now. The International Budget Partnership (IBP) identified an “accountability gap” in over two-thirds of the 120 countries studied where governments fell short of managing their policy responses in a transparent and accountable manner during the COVID-19 pandemic. At the same time, the 2021 Edelman Trust Barometer reveals an epidemic of misinformation and widespread mistrust of societal institutions and leaders around the world.

    Meaningful climate actions will also require a significant scaling up of both public and private finance. Developing countries alone will need an estimated $4 trillion per year in investments up to 2030 to build infrastructure to meet their development needs. These investments will need to be effectively mobilized to enable developing countries to build sustainable and resilient infrastructure, create new jobs, and where relevant, leapfrog to low carbon solutions.

    The sheer amounts of public investments and the critical nature of service delivery underline the need to revisit and put in place strong, effective, and adaptive PFM systems that uphold efficiency, effectiveness, and equity while supporting emergency responses.



    The virtual conference will celebrate PEFA’s journey over the last two decades, while discussing the role of PFM in building green, resilient, and inclusive development, and in supporting recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

    The virtual conference will:

    • Look back at the journey PEFA has had as a gold standard PFM diagnostic tool over the last 20 years, through the lens of PEFA Partners and beneficiaries.
    • Discuss why and how PFM matters in tackling climate change, and building more inclusive services in the recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.
    • Explore what PFM community could do differently to address the new delivery hallenges through PFM.
    • Launch PEFA’s annual conversation series and the PEFA e-learning course.

    The PEFA Product Marketplace will also take the opportunity to highlight PEFA tools such as the PEFA 2016 framework and the revised guidance for the Subnational Government (SNG) assessments as well as its new supplementary modules on the PEFA climate and the PEFA gender.


    For questions and additional information contact PEFA Secretariat at:


    Last Updated: Nov 30, 2021

  • Day 1





    VIRTUAL MEETING OPEN                               


    Tia Raappana
    PEFA Secretariat


    Governance and institutions in the post-COVID world

    PEFA's journey over the past 20 years to today


    Welcome and objectives:

    Edward Olowo-Okere
    Global Director, World Bank Group


    Keynote Address:
    Strengthening governance and institutions in the post-COVID world


    PEFA Conversation Series:
    The role of PFM in tackling global development challenges – the critical actions for PFM community

    A conversation between leaders from the development community will address the big, challenging questions on the role of PFM; and set out a way forward on what the priorities are for addressing the key global development and governance challenges.

    • Koen Doens
      Director General, European Commission
    • Indermit Gill
      Vice President, World Bank Group


    The role of PFM in inclusive and sustainable development


    The panelists will discuss:

    • How has PFM performed over the last 20 years – successes and what can we do differently?
    • What is the role of PFM in building green, resilient, and inclusive development and in supporting recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic?
    • What is PFM priority in addressing the current challenges and opportunities, including how to achieve the right balance between efficient, adaptive as well as accountable and transparent PFM systems?


    • Mark Miller
      Director of Programme, Development and Public Finance, Overseas Development Institute


    • Tsakani Maluleke
      Auditor General, South Africa and Chair of the INTOSAI Capacity Building Committee
    • Richard Hughes
      Head of Office of the Budget Responsibility, UK
    • Laila Sbaih
      General Director of International Relations Directorate,  Ministry of Finance, West Bank and Gaza Strip
    • Srinivas Guraza
      Head of the PEFA Secretariat
    • Richard Rusabe
      Minister of State in charge of National Treasury, the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning, Rwanda


    Remarks and summary of day’s proceedings

    Carolina Renteria

    Division Chief, International Monetary Fund


    Day 2





    VIRTUAL MEETING OPEN                                                 


    Julia Dhimitri
    PEFA Secretariat


    PEFA partners reflect: responding to global challenges of today

    • Reflection on the key messages from the discussion during the first sessions
    • What does the future of PFM look like; how can PEFA respond to the new challenges

    Reflections - Day 1:

    • Toril-Iren Pedersen
      Deputy Director, Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation, Norway
    • Martin Polonyi
      Director General, International Affairs Section, Ministry of Finance, The Slovak Republic


    Global leaders reflect on the future:
    Can PFM help rebuild trust in governments?


    3 talks (5-7 mins each) will look critically into the future of PFM in the wider context of governance landscape.


    Each speaker will propose practical but innovative PFM solutions to tackling democratic deficit, lack of trust, inequality and promoting transparency and integrity of PFM systems, before, during and after the crisis.


    • Rosmarie Schlup
      Head of the Macroeconomic Support Division, State Secretariat for Economic Affairs, SECO, Switzerland



    • Harald Waiglein
      Director General for Economic Policy, Financial Markets, and Customs Duties, Austria
    • Vivek Ramkumar
      Senior Director of Policy, IBP
    • Oluseun Onigbinde, Director, BudgIT, Nigeria






    The session will discuss the importance of public finance in addressing climate change challenges – and how PFM systems need to reflect and be strengthened to address the challenges.


    • Samrita Sidhu
      Head of Public Finance and Tax, FCDO


    • Issac Castro Esquivel
      Vice Minister of Public Expenditure, Costa Rica
    • Pekka Moren
      Special Representative to the Finance Minister, Finland
    • Romain Régularie
      Head of Transparency and Financial Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, France
    • Jahan Chowdhury
      Country Engagement Director, NDC Partnership



    PEFA e-learning course

    Arsène Jacoby
    Director, Ministry of Finance, Luxembourg

    Video (2 minutes) introduces the PREFA e-learning course to the audience.



    Looking into the future challenges: Next steps for PFM and PEFA

    Adenike Sherifat Oyeyiola
    Practice Manager, World Bank Group



    This session includes a brief presentation by the PEFA Secretariat on new guidance for subnational governments and two supplementary frameworks on gender and climate; followed by reflections by PEFA users on their experiences.



    Last Updated: Nov 30, 2021


  • December 1 and 2 : 8:00am ET / 1:00pm UTC
  • CONTACT: PEFA Secretariat