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Arturo Herrera Gutierrez

Former Sector Manager: Governance Global Practice, Public Service and Performance -Latin America and the Caribbean, Governance

Arturo Herrera Gutierrez is the former Practice Manager of the Public Service and Performance Unit for Latin America and the Caribbean, part of the World Bank’s Governance Global Practice.

Arturo has extensive experience in public sector issues. He began his career in Mexico’s Ministry of Finance. Later, in the Government of Mexico City, he served as the General Director for Financial Management and then as Secretary of Finance. His expertise includes public financial management, tax administration, subnational governance, and inter-fiscal relationships.

He joined the World Bank in 2010 as a Senior Public Sector Management Specialist in the Public Sector Unit and was promoted to serve as the manager of the unit in 2011. As a Practice Manager, he now leads a group of over 40 professionals that responds to a diverse range of issues in 27 countries in the region from public financial management, tax administration, and quasi-fiscal activities, to justice service strengthening and citizen participation. 

He has also taught Monetary Theory and Policy and Macro and Micro Economics at both El Colegio de Mexico and New York University where he completed his doctoral studies in Economics.