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There are significant gaps in public and private sector funding for key economic growth sectors and basic infrastructure.   Mobilizing private sector finance and investment is necessary to help the world meet these funding gaps and achieve the global development goals. 

We help countries address this challenge by designing and implementing: 

  • innovative financial instruments and capital markets solutions to close their financing gaps
  • targeted policy and regulatory interventions to create an environment conducive to developing a robust, resilient, and inclusive financial sector, particularly in relation to capital markets.

A well-developed financial sector that enables long-term financing for countries’ strategic sectors– government, SMEs and corporates, physical infrastructure & housing, and agriculture – is crucial for inclusive economic growth and for achieving the World Bank Group’s twin goals of ending extreme poverty and boosting shared prosperity. Long Term Finance assists in bridging funding gaps for these key strategic sectors by developing capital markets and increasing the supply of institutional investors’ assets (primarily pensions and insurance) to fund long-term investments in strategic sectors such as infrastructure, SMEs, housing and agriculture.

We specifically work in these areas:

Agriculture Finance & Agriculture Insurance

Capital Markets and Investment Funds

Housing Finance

Infrastructure Finance

Pension, Insurance and Sustainable Finance