January 31, 2017


ELP Guidance Notes

Measuring the Quality of Early Learning Programs: ELP Guidance Note August 2016: This brief provides basic information on measuring the quality of early learning programs using a range of tools and approaches.

Measuring Child Development and Early Learning: ELP Guidance Note July 2016: This brief provides basic information on measuring young children’s development, specifically focused on the skills and abilities children are likely to need upon entry to primary school.

Expanding Access to Early Childhood Development: Using Interactive Audio Instruction Toolkit February 2015: This toolkit is a user-friendly guide for program managers interested in developing high quality technology-enhanced early childhood programming, particularly in challenging, low-resource contexts.

Interactive Audio Instruction Pilot in Democratic Republic of Congo: Video


ELP Country Studies

Promising Approaches in Early Childhood Development March 2017: This guide serves as a resource for policy makers and development professionals interested in improving access to high-quality Early Childhood Development (ECD) services. It brings together a selection of approaches to ECD that have been implemented with promising results in low- or middle-income countries (or both).

Scaling Up Preschool in Kenya: Cost, Constraints, and Opportunities ELP Policy Brief September 2016: This brief summarizes the findings of a recent study of the cost of preschool in Kenya, the financing gaps that remain, and possible policy options to achieve cost savings to help Kenya’s counties meet the goal of expanding quality ECDE service provision.


About ELP   

The Early Learning Partnership: Overview December 2015: This brief provides an overview of the Early Learning Partnership’s work to improve early learning opportunities and outcomes for young children around the world, including select case studies showing the types of impact achieved at the country level.

How do ELP Investments Generate Big Returns for Young Children? ELP Note Series September 2016: This note showcases how initial ELP investments in client countries catalyze significantly increased funding for early childhood from World Bank resources, client governments, and other donors.

How Do We Calculate the Amount of Funds Leveraged? ELP Note Series September 2016: This note provides key information on the amount of funds leveraged in each client country as a result of ELP initial funding.

ELP Country-level Activities: ELP Note Series September 2016: This note provides short summaries of ongoing key ELP activities in client countries.

ELP Impact in Pakistan: Expanding quality preschool and engaging families: This infographic provides a visual summary of how ELP investment to prepare a new Early Childhood Education Project in Pakistan yields significant results in expanding quality preschool.