Reproductive Health Country Profiles

July 3, 2013


The World Bank’s Reproductive Health Action Plan focuses on 57 countries with high maternal mortality and/or high fertility and moderate to high levels of sexually transmitted infections. Implementation activities include Analytical and Advisory Activities (AAAs) to facilitate policy dialogue; development of capacity and expertise in reproductive health within the Bank; and, improving portfolio monitoring. As part of the AAA to facilitate policy dialogue, reproductive health profiles were developed for all priority countries. The profiles provide information on the country’s reproductive health status, constraints, and key actions to accelerate progress towards Millennium Development Goal (MDG) 5.

The profiles will inform project documents and policy dialogue with governments and provide evidence and data for incorporation into Country Assistance Strategies (CAS). A CAS is a key instrument that guides the Bank’s activities in each country and identifies the key areas in which Bank support can best help the country in achieving its sustainable development and poverty reduction goals.

The profiles will be updated periodically as new data become available.

The country profiles were developed by the World Bank and Management Science for Health. The Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency and the World Bank-Netherlands Partnership Program are gratefully acknowledged.


Africa                                                   East Asia & the Pacific

Angola                                                   Cambodia

Benin                                                     Indonesia

Botswana                                               Papua New Guinea

Burkina Faso                                          Lao

Burundi                                                  Philippines

Cameroon                                              Timor Leste

Central African Republic

Chad                                                      Latin America & the Caribbean

DR of Congo                                            Haiti

Ethiopia                                                  Middle East & North Africa

Ghana                                                     Egypt

Guinea                                                    Djibouti

Ivory Coast                                              Jordan

Kenya                                                     Yemen

Lesotho                                                   South Asia

Liberia                                                     Afghanistan

Madagascar                                             Bangladesh

Malawi                                                     India

Mali                                                         Nepal

Mauritania                                                Pakistan







Sierra Leone