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The World Bank Group committed $8.2 billion to support energy finance in FY 2012; of which the major sources were $3 billion from IBRD, $1.9 billion from IDA, $2 billion from IFC, and $500 million from MIGA. Since 2007, the Bank Group has provided $12.5 billion for renewable energy projects and programs, just over one-quarter of all energy financing over the same period, which totaled $49.2 billion. In FY 2012, renewable energy projects totaled $3.6 billion — 44% of the year’s energy sector commitments. Looking only at power generation projects approved in FY 2012, renewables accounted for an even larger share — 84%. The Climate Investment Funds have committed over $7.6 billion to date into clean energy projects.

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US$230 million
reduction in discrepancy between actual revenues paid to and reported by the government in Nigeria, thanks to the government & Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative.
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