Pensions: Data

June 23, 2014

This section presents cross-country data for mandatory pension systems around the world. These indicators are part of the World Bank HDNSP pensions database, and various sources have served to compile such information. For further reference on pensions data see International patterns of pension provision II : a worldwide overview of facts and figures

Pensions Data Disclaimer

The Pensions Team of the World Bank has made a reasonable effort to ensure that the cross-country comparison data presented here is the most recently available, accurate, and comprehensive. These indicators have been extracted from the social insurance central database, and are reflected as reported to the team by various local contacts, or as presented in other various local and international sources. Most of the data have undergone substantial review prior to posting, but not all errors or inaccuracies may have been detected. We ask that any errors or problems found by the users be reported to

The central social insurance database is regularly being updated, and new files will be posted at least quarterly (with the indicated date in the file name). The pensions team is not responsible for data that is misinterpreted or altered in any way. Further definitions and sources of these data can be found in the paper: International Patterns of Pensions Provision II. Any questions or comments about the data can be reported to

The following data will be updated soon.

Expenditure data