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The United Kingdom (UK) became a founding  member of  the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) in December of 1945 and played a crucial role in helping found the Bretton Woods institutions (World Bank and International Monetary Fund). Today, the United Kingdom remains a major shareholder and an important and influential partner in global efforts to reduce poverty.

Additionally, the UK is also a member of the International Development Association (IDA), which it joined in 1960, the International Finance Corporation (IFC) as of 1956, the Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA) as of 1988 and the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID) as of 1967.

The UK and the World Bank Group work together to develop policies on a wide range of issues, such as conflict prevention, governance, health, and education -- trying to enable millions in the poorest countries to be immunized, gain access to roads and clean water, and become teachers, among other benefits. 

The Executive Director for United Kingdom, along with the other 24 members of the Board, is responsible for the conduct of the general operations of the Bank, and exercises powers delegated to him by the Board of Governors. Mr. Gnanendran is Chair of the Ethics Committee, co-chair of the Committee on Governance and Executive Directors' Administrative Matters (COGAM), and member of the Human Resources Committee (HRC).

Last Updated: Jan 12, 2023




Coronation 2023
News story May 06, 2023

People across the country and the Commonwealth celebrated the Coronation of Their Majesties King Charles III and Queen Camilla over a weekend of special events on 6–8 May, 2023.

The White Paper on International Development 2023
Published Nov 20, 2023

The UK’s plan to accelerate progress to eliminate extreme poverty, and address climate change and biodiversity loss.

It is no longer possible, if it ever was, for a country to determine its future alone. Climate change does not respect national boundaries, nor do pandemics or conflicts. This white paper sets out the UK government’s response to these challenges and how the UK can accelerate progress on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030.

United Kingdom- Contract Awards in Investment Project Financing (Fiscal Year Trend)

Contract Awards


UK Portfolio at a Glance

The United Kingdom’s contributions paid-in to the WBG totaled US$70,364 million for fiscal years (FY) 2018-22.

In FY23 through end of Q2, the United Kingdom paid US$188 million to International Development Association (IDA), US$44 million to World Bank Trust Funds (WB TFs), US$706 million to Financial Intermediary Funds (FIFs) and US$4 million to International Finance Corporation trust funds (IFC TFs). The number of active trust funds to which the United Kingdom contributed at the end of FY23Q2 totaled 155, including 109 WB TFs, 21 FIFs and 25 IFC TFs.

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