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Our constituency has three countries (Argentina, Chile, Peru) that have contributed to past IDA replenishments, and one IDA recipient (Bolivia). Countries are also members of the G-20 (Argentina), G-24 (Argentina, Peru), and G-30 (Argentina). This constituency is also one of the G-11 Chairs (Group of Executive Directors that represent Developing Countries).

The Executive Director, along with the other 24 Chairs, is responsible for the conduct of the general operations of the World Bank Group (IBRD, IFC, IDA, MIGA), and exercises powers delegated to her by the Board of Governors.

The Executive Director is a member of the Committee on Governance and Administrative Matters (COGAM).  The Executive Director, in unison with the other 24 Executive Directors, is part of the Steering Committee which sets Board's work program and the strategic engagement roadmap.

The Office works as a team and plays a strong and proactive role on behalf of the interest of its Constituency countries, and to accomplish this mission the Executive Director is assisted by her Alternate Executive Director, Senior Advisors and Advisors from the countries she represents, as well as administrative staff.

Last Updated: Nov 18, 2022




History of the membership of the current constituency of EDS08

EDS08 IBRD Statement of Loans (cumulative amount as of EOP)

EDS08 - Statement of Loans (cumulative amount as of EOP)

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