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Message from the Executive Director

As the Executive Director (ED) of the World Bank Group Board representing Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway and Sweden, I am pleased to invite you to visit our website to learn more about the work of the Nordic and Baltic office.


  • Executive Director EDS20
    Lene Lind

    Executive Director: EDS20

  • JonErlingurJonassonAEDEDS20
    Jon Erlingur Jonasson

    Alternate Executive Director: EDS20


EDs Event on Wealth Inequality June 16, 2022
Feature Story, Event
Wealth, Income, Carbon Inequality

This event advanced the thinking about the rising concentration of wealth, income, carbon, and the role of progressive taxation. Today, the richest 10% in the world owns 76% of global household wealth, while the bottom half owns barely 2%. Furthermore, the richest 10% of emitters are responsible for close to 50% of all emissions, while the bottom 50% produce 12% of the total. The challenges of the 21st century are not feasible without significant redistribution of income and wealth inequalities and targeting wealthy polluters. In this talk, the guest speaker, economist and professor Lucas Chancel presented the World Inequality Report 2022, which serves as a framework for learning about all different pieces in the inequality puzzle and discussed about the redistribution tools to design fairer development pathways.

Video RecordingPresentationWIR 2022



President Malpas Meeting with Nordic-Baltic Governors - Copenhagen, June 9, 2022
Feature Story, Event
The Nordic-Baltic Governors to the World Bank met with President David Malpass in Copenhagen on June 9th 2022. Good and frank discussions about a wide range of topics, including the Russian war against Ukraine, countries affected by fragility, conflict and violence, food security, climate finance, gender equality as a foundation of democracy, and the importance of multilateral cooperation.

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