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The Office of the Executive Director for Brazil, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Haiti, Panama, Philippines, Suriname and Trinidad & Tobago (EDS15) actively engage in the decision-making process of the WBG Board with our countries’ individual and collective interests, as well as the Bank’s interest being our key concern. In doing so, we carry out consultations and negotiations with other Executive Director Offices and WB Management Staff. Our constituency is an active member of the Budget Committee (BC) and the Committee on Development Effectiveness (CODE). We also enthusiastically participate in deliberations of the other Board Standing Committees such as the Committee on Governance and Administrative Matters (COGAM), Audit Committee (AC), and Human Resources Committee (HRC).

Under the leadership of our Executive Director, Marcos V. Chiliatto, our Alternate Executive Director, Erwin D. Sta. Ana, as well as with the support from our Advisors and hardworking ACS professional staff, EDS15 continuously maintains a constructive dialogue with the country authorities, management and staff. We work as a team and, although our staffs come from different countries, each and every one of us is at the service of all the member countries of the constituency.

In conformity with our authorities' directives, the chair's priorities are:

  • Ensuring that the Bank's decisions, actions, and activities are driven by its clients' demand;
  • Mainstreaming South-South cooperation;
  • Promoting the use of country systems;
  • Encouraging the IFC to embrace new challenges;
  • Harmonize staff incentive systems with corporate development goals and objectives; and
  • Strengthening the Bank's partnership and collaboration with other development partners.

We are united in pursuing the WBG's urgent mission and along with management and our constituency countries.


EDS15 - IBRD Statement of Loans (cumulative amount as of EOP)

EDS15 - IDA Statement of Credits and Grants (cumulative amount as of EOP)

EDS15 Country News


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