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The Office of the Executive Director (EDS18) represents Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, and Spain.

The constituency has played an important role in articulating the World Bank Group's policies and strategies since the countries joined. The constituency includes two IDA countries (Honduras and Nicaragua), three upper-middle-income countries (Costa Rica, Mexico and Venezuela), two lower-middle-income countries (El Salvador and Guatemala) and one developed country (Spain).

Responsibilities of the Executive Director and the office consist of participating in Board meetings to define institutional policies and strategies, as well as approving programs and projects, including IBRD loan and guarantee proposals, IDA credits, grants and guarantee proposals.

The Executive Director liaises with the constituency's Governors (usually the Ministers of Finance, and Presidents of the Central Banks) to receive their advice.

Opportunities for the private sector: A guide to facilitate participation in projects financed by the World Bank Group and to provide opportunities for the presence of private companies in the bidding market related to these projects.

Oportunidades para el sector privado  Spanish (pdf)


  • Man on a suit
    Ernesto Acevedo

    Executive Director: EDS18

  • The World Bank
    Eva Valle Maestro

    Alternate Executive Director: EDS18

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