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Executive Director Office Websites
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Constituency Highlights

  • Representation and Liason
    Representation and Liason

    The office of the Executive Director for EDS03 represents the United Kingdom when considering and deciding on IBRD loan and guarantee proposals and IDA credit, grant and guarantee proposals made by the President. It decides on policies that guide the Bank's general operations. The office is also responsible for presenting an audit of accounts, an administrative budget, and an annual report on the Bank's operations and policies as well as other matters to the Board of Governors at Annual Meetings.

  • World Bank Group Projects

    Information concerning current and past IBRD and IDA projects can be found using the World Bank’s Project Database. To visualize the Bank's operations, you can also take advantage of Mapping for Results, an innovative site that geocodes Bank's projects worldwide.


    IFC projects can be found using the IFC Project Database. MIGA projects can be found using the MIGA Project Database 

  • Project Procurement

    Procurement-related information can be found in a number of different ways.  You can access the World Bank's Procurement Policies and find out information on related business opportunities, or search through the Bank's Database of Awarded Contracts.

  • Consultations

    The World Bank Group Consultation Hub provides a one-stop shop for individuals and groups interested in consultations hosted by the World Bank Group.  On this Hub, you can find all ongoing and planned consultations as well as those that were closed within the past year.  You also can find information on the subject of consultation, the scope and process of consultation, and on how you can contribute your views to the World Bank Group's decision-making process.