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ICT Teacher Competencies

May 14, 2014


The World Bank is currently working with partners in multiple countries to contextualize and adapt the ICT competency standards for teachers (ICT-CFT) proposed by UNESCO for use in national teacher professional development programs.  Examples of such work can be found within specific World Bank education projects in Guyana, Nigeria, Tanzania and The Gambia, informed in part by the World Bank's NESAP-ICT and eTransform Africa programs.

The ICT competency standards for teachers were designed by UNESCO and its partners to help educational policymakers and curriculum developers identify the skills teachers need to harness technology in the service of education. The standards consist of three parts:

  • policy framework explaining the rationale, structure and approach of the project;
  • competency standards modules’ structure, which crosses the components of educational reform with various policy approaches to generate a matrix of skill sets for teachers;  and
  • implementation guidelines providing a detailed syllabus of the specific skills to be acquired by teachers within each skill set or module.