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Sanctions System

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The World Bank's Sanctions System

Tackling Corruption Through a Two-Tier Administrative Sanctions Process

Promoting good governance and tackling corruption are critical to achieving sustainable development and poverty reduction. Diversion of funds from development projects through corruption impairs the ability of governments, donors, and the World Bank to achieve the goals of reducing poverty, attracting investment, and encouraging good governance.


The World Bank
The Office of Suspension and Debarment (OSD) provides the first level of independent adjudication in the World Bank’s sanctions system. When there is sufficient evidence of misconduct, OSD temporarily suspends the accused firm or individual and, if there is no appeal, imposes the final sanction.
The World Bank

The World Bank Sanctions Board, composed of seven (7) external judges, is an independent administrative tribunal that serves as the final decision-maker in all contested cases of sanctionable misconduct in development projects financed by the World Bank.