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World Bank Sanctions Board

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Sanctions Board Decisions

Consistent with the World Bank's commitment to transparency, the Sanctions Board is a leader among Multilateral Development Banks (MDBs) as the only sanctions appeals body that publishes fully-reasoned decisions in all types of appeals that it reviews.

Sanctions Board decisions are final and non-appealable. In each of its decisions, the Sanctions Board addresses all procedural issues in dispute, the respondents’ liability for the alleged misconduct, the specific sanction imposed, if any, and the scope and basis of that sanction. The decisions are circulated to the parties and/or their counsel immediately upon issuance and to other stakeholders at the Bank for their information. ​

The holdings in decisions issued between 2007 and 2011 were presented in the first edition of the Sanctions Board’s Law Digest, published in December 2011. The Second editition of the Sanctions Board's Law Digest reviews the Sanctions Board’s holdings in more than 100 decisions issued since 2007 and provides additional information on the work of the Sanctions Board to date. The many topics covered in this publication include assessment of various allegations of misconduct, factors that affect the choice of sanction, and the Sanctions Board’s treatment of various procedural issues and requests in the course of sanctions proceedings.

For further information on the sanctions system, please refer to the Key Documents.