Debt Management Facility Newsletters

January 17, 2017

The Debt Management Facility provides expert assistance on debt management to low-income countries.

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June 2019: Debt Management Stakeholders' Forum | Staff Corner | Debt Management Practitioners' Program | DMF Activities | Debt Management Network Webinars | Debt Management Events

March 2019:  International Bonds: A Guidance Note | Staff Corner | Debt Managers Practitioners’ Program | Country Engagements | Debt Management Network Webinars | Debt Management Publications and Events 

December 2018: A Multipronged Approach for Addressing Emerging Debt Vulnerabilities | Annual Meetings | Staff Corner | Country Engagements | Debt Management Network Webinars | Debt Management Publications and Other Events

October 2018:  Highlights of DMF II | Staff Corner: Welcome to the New DMF Program Manager | DMF Activities | Debt Management Publications and Events

July 2018:  Staff Corner | 2018 DMF Stakeholders’ Forum: Rising Tide of Debt: Debt, Resilience, Responsibility | Debt Management Practitioners Program (DMPP) | DMF Work Program: Activities in May–June 2018  | Recent Publications

May 2018:  Staff Corner | Spring Meetings | DMF Webinar with Carmen Reinhart | Revised LIC-DSF | LIC-DSF Guidance Note | Revised MTDS Analytical Tool | 2018 DMF Stakeholders Forum | Debt Management Practitioners Programme | DMF Work Program

January 2018: Greetings for the New Year | DMF Stakeholder’s Forum Spring 2018 | European Commission Joins the DMF as a New Donor | Meet the team | DMF Work Program | Public Debt Data | Recent Publications

October 2017:  Debt Sustainability Framework For Low-Income Countries: Revised and Improved | Debt Management Practitioners Program | DMF Mid-Term External Evaluation | DMF Work Program: Activities July-September | Recommended Reading: HIPC Initiative and Multilateral Debt Relief Initiative Statistical Update

July 2017:  Summary of the DMF Forum 2017, Vienna, Austria | Global Fiscal Challenges & their Impact on Debt Management   | Challenges and Successes in Debt Management Reform | Innovations in Debt Management | Can Africa Borrow Without sorrow? | DMF Training Activities, April-June, 2017 | DeMPA ELearning training | Recent Activities and Events | New DMF website | Forthcoming Mission and Training Activities

April 2017 DMF Forum 2017: Borrow Without Sorrow: Prudent Debt Management in a Volatile Global Environment | DMF Activities over Jan-March 2017 | DMF Training Activities, Jan-March 2017 | DMN Webinar Series | DMPP-February Intake | DMF Note | Other Recent Activities and Events | Recent Publications | World Bank Public Sector Debt Statistics database | Forthcoming Mission and Training Activities

January 2017 DMF Forum 2017 | Agence UMOA-Titres (AUT) joins DMF as a new IP | DMF Activities for the period Oct. to Dec. 2016 | Debt Management Practitioners’ Program update | DMN webinar | International Debt Statistics 2017 edition | Pakistan: Advancing Subnational Debt Management | Afghanistan: Moving Forward with Efforts to Strengthen Public Debt Management | World Bank Treasury Debt Manage-ment Events | Forthcoming Mission and Training Activities.

October 2016: SN-DeMPA Methodology update—September 2016 | Announcing the New Co-Chair of the DMF Steering Committee | Announcing the New Chair of the DMF II ICG | Issuance Plan for Government Secu-rities—Guidance Note | DSA: “Traffic Lights" | The launch of the IMF-WB online course on DS & DM for LICs in French | Debt Management Practitioners’ Program — Sep. 2016 Intake | Development and Maintenance of an Efficient Market for Government Securities in Sri Lanka | Domestic Debt Dynamics in Zimba-bwe |  VSP - Feedback from a participant | The Emergence of Sukuk: Malaysia example | Debt Management Events | DMF Mission Activities over July to September 2016 |  DMF Training Activities over July -September 2016 | Forthcoming Mission and Training Activities.

July 2016: The Seventh Annual DMF Stakeholders’ Forum: Managing a Diverse Debt Portfolio in a Volatile Global Environment | Medium-Term Debt Manage-ment Strategy Process: The Case of Bosnia and Herzegovina | Debt Management Events: XII Annual Meeting of the LAC Debt Group | DMPP Participants: First Half 2016 | DMF Mission Activities over January to June 2016 | DMF Training Activities over January to June 2016

January 2016: Tanzania: Developing the Government Securities Market |World Bank Economic View: Gradual pickup over 2016 | 10th UNCTAD Biennial Debt Management Conference | DMPP participation | Public Debt Vulnerabilities in Low-Income Countries | Contingent Liabilities | Public Debt Management Network 

October 2015: Debt Management Network Presentation on Status and Risks to Debt Sustainability in Africa | The Debt Management Facility: Outputs and Outcomes From Inception to Date| Challenges to debt management in Kenya | Forthcoming paper on low and middle income countries and international capital markets | Missions, trainings and visits to help countries around the world resolve debt-related issues 

July 2015: Overview of the 2015 DMF Stakeholder’s Forum | Preliminary findings on contingent liabilities study | Missions, trainings and visits to help countries around the world resolve debt-related issues | MTDS pilot workshop focused on implementation aspects |  Debt Management Performance Assessment online course

April 2015: 2015 DMF Stakeholder’s Forum | DeMPA Methodology Revised | Subnational Debt Challenges in Nigeria | World Bank Treasury holds Webinar on International Bond Issuance | Activities for the period January through March 2015 | IMF Report: Reform of the Policy on Public Debt Limits in Fund-Supported Programs 

January 2015: 2015 DMF Forum | Updated DMF website available | Support for National- and Subnational Debt Management in Bosnia and Herzegovina | Joint FT/IMF Debt Sustainability Tool introduced | Plummeting oil prices and the global economy | DMF Activities

October 2014Looking Back on the DMF | The Creditworthy Poor? | Launch of DeMPA Course | Debt Sustainability Course 

July 2014: Webinar on International Bond Issuance | Multilateral Banks' Meeting on Debt | Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Framework Strengthened | DMF Panel of Experts Group

April 2014: Highlights of the DMF Stakeholders' Forum | New Guidelines for Public Debt Management | Practitioners’ Corner | New Debt Management Program Officer at MEFMI Secretariat 

January 2014: World Bank-OECD-Italy Cooperation on Debt Platform | New Guidelines for DSA Analysis | Practitioners’ Corner | UNCTAD Debt Conference

October 2013: DMF News Gets a Fresh Look | DMF strengthens sovereign debt management in Africa | Multilateral development banks discuss debt issues | Debt Management Practitioners' Program

July 2013: DMF Stakeholders' Forum: Debt Management: Building Resilience through a Coordinated Policy Agenda and Enhanced Institutions | DMPP: 2013 Call for Nominations

April 2013: DMN Meeting: Debt Market Development | Updated on DMPP | Strengthening Debt Management in Sudan

January 2013: DMF Forum 2013 | Debt Manager's Network Updates

October 2012: Institutional Reform in the area of Debt Management | Strengthening Debt Management in Nicaragua | DMF Evaluation

July 2012: DMF Forum | Launch of the Debt Manager's Network | Update on the Debt Management Practioners' Program

April 2012: Upcoming DMF Forum | Debt Management Practitioners' Program: 2012 Call for Nominations |Strengthening Debt Management in a Small State: The Case of Bhutan

January 2012: Debt Management Practitioner's Program - Update | From DeMPA to a Debt Management Reform Plan: The Example of Sao Tome and Principe

October 2011: Debt Management Practitioners' Program - Practitioners for FY2012 | The MEFMI Perspectives | From DeMPA and MliS to a Debt Management Reform Plan: The Example of Moldova

July 2011: DMF Stakeholders' Forum 2011 | Debt Management Practitioner's Program: Call for Nominations

April 2011: DMF Stakeholders' Forum 2011 | Warm Welcome to Ms. Eriko Togo - The New DMF Program Manager | Debt Management Performance Assessment for Lagos State Government: A Pilot Mission | From Training to Implementation, the Senegalese Example | Notes from Debt Management Practitioners

January 2011: Debt Management Practitioners’ Program – Practitioners for FY2011 | Debt Management Performance Assessment - Frequently Asked Questions | Perspectives from the West African Institute for Financial and Economic Management | Regional Training, the MEFMI Example

October 2010: The African Development Bank (AfDB) joins the DMF Donor Community | Book Launch: “Sovereign Debt and the Financial Crisis: Will This Time Be Different?” | Debt Management Practitioners’ Program – Call for Nominations | Developing a Medium-Term Debt Management Strategy (MliS): The Example of Kenya

July 2010 - Premiere Issue: Annual Stakeholders’ Forum: “Sovereign Debt and the Financial Crisis: Will This Time Be Different?” | Strengthening Debt Management Capacity in Low-Income Countries | From DeMPA and MliS to a Debt Management Reform Plan: The Bangladesh Example | Debt Managers’ Practitioners Program (DMPP)