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Executive Directors  of The World Bank Group have a dual responsibility:

(i) as representatives of the Bank's member country or a country that appoints or elects them, and
(ii) as Bank officials who represent the interests and concerns of those countries.

The Executive Directors are responsible for the conduct of the general operations of the Bank and exercise all the powers delegated to them by the Boards of Governors under the Articles of Agreement. They review and decide on loan and credit proposals and decide on sound policies that guide the activities and strengthen the foundation of the World Bank Group.

The Executive Director and EDS21 Office represent the views and interests of our constituency countries at the Bank's Executive Board. We inform and advise our constituency countries on relevant issues. We implement our mission by:

(a) ensuring that the Bank hears the voice and understands the interests of our constituency in its policy development and operational decisions;
(b) advocating policies and implementation practices that improve the effectiveness of the Bank operations;
(c) encouraging the Bank to engage actively with our constituency members;
(d) assisting our constituency members to engage actively with the Bank with the view to increase understanding about Bank’s policies and activities that affect them;
(e) assisting coordination between development-assistance programs of the Bank and donors to developing member countries of our constituency; and
(f) facilitating contacts between government officials, private sector, community associations and academics in constituency countries and the Bank.