Universal Financial Access 2020: Building a Coalition of Partners

April 20, 2017

At the 2015 World Bank Group-IMF Spring Meetings, the Bank Group and a broad coalition of partners – including multilateral agencies, banks, credit unions, card companies, microfinance institution networks and telecommunications companies – made concrete commitments to reach financially excluded adults by 2020  and achieve Universal Financial Access by 2020.

The World Bank Group itself, including the IFC directly with the private sector, committed to enable 1 billion adults to gain access to a transaction account.

Aga Khan Agency for Microfinance
Commits to 5 million accounts in MENA, Asia, and Africa

Ant Financial (Ali Baba Group)
Commits to 100 million accounts in China

Commits to 5 million accounts in Colombia

Asomif Peru
Commits to 4 million accounts in Peru

Baidu Financial Services Group
Commits to 10 million accounts in China

Commits to more than 20 million savings accounts and 10 million credit customers

Bank Mandiri
Supports the Indonesian Government’s initiative to distribute conditional cash transfers to millions of families; Aspires that the program evolves into utilization of branchless banking and savings opportunities for more than 50 million Indonesians

BBVA Microfinance Foundation
Commits to 2.3 million accounts in Latin America & the Caribbean 

CFPA Microfinance
Commits to 1 million accounts in China

Confederation of West African Financial Institutions (CIF)
Commits to 750,000 accounts in West Africa (Benin, Burkina Faso, Mali, Senegal, Togo)

Equity Bank
Commits to reach 50 million clients in Africa

Fullerton Financial Holdings
Commits to 6 million accounts in Asia

Commits to 1 million accounts in Latin America and the Caribbean

Global Banking Alliance for Women
Commits to provide financial access to 1.8 million women in Latin America and Africa

Grameen Foundation
Commits to 5 million accounts in Asia and MENA

Grooming Centre
Commits to 4 million accounts in Nigeria

Commits to 500 million mobile money accounts 

Grameen Foundation                     

LAPO Microfinance Bank
Commits to 10 million accounts in Nigeria                 

Commits to reach 500 million people currently considered to be excluded from the financial mainstream

Commits to 2 million accounts in Peru

Microfinance CEO Working Group
Commits to 70 million new accounts around the world

Microcredit Summit Campaign
Commits to expand its outreach to at least 53 million of the world's poorest families

National Microfinance Bank PLC (NMB), Tanzania
Commits to 2 million new customers in Tanzania

Commits to 17 million mobile financial services customers

Pakistan Microfinance Network
Commits to reach 10 million active borrowers (4 million active female borrowers), 50 million depositors, and 11 million insurance policy holders

Pagos Digitales Peruanos (PDP)
Commits to 2 million accounts in Peru

Pakistan Microfinance Investment Company (PMIC)
Commits to 10 million accounts in Pakistan

State Bank of India
Sees a huge opportunity in our 70 million customers. All these customers can be sold pension and insurance products. Based on transaction history, they can be credit linked and become part of the global financial system.

Commits to enable 50% of its customers to use their mobile phones for financial services

Commits to provide electronic payment accounts to another 500 million underserved people

World Council of Credit Unions
Commits to reach a further 50 million people through credit union services

WSBI members pledge to add 400 million accounts, reach 1.7 billion customers by 2020

Last Updated: Apr 20, 2017