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GovTech: Putting People First

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Resources and Learning

This page hosts learning opportunities & resources on the topic of GovTech. As of 2022, learning events like brown bag lunches are hosted in the Events page.

Featured Projects

  • GovTech OLC

    "Trends in GovTech Solutions for Public Financial Management" e-Learning course explores the role of digital technology in the modernization and enhancement of Public Financial Management (PFM) systems, and the associated risks, challenges, and opportunities with a focus on fragile and low-income countries. It also looks at the innovative GovTech solutions and trends for budgeting, tax administration, public procurement, and financial fraud detection.

  • The World Bank
    GovTech: Fundamentals and Key Concepts

    GovTech: Fundamentals and Key Concepts” e-Learning course introduces the GovTech concepts, focus areas, solutions, and good practices to support digital transformation reforms of governments around the world.


    *Enrollment status: 550 participants (307 country officials/practitioners and 243 WBG staff from 70 countries) are registered, and 60 participants successfully completed the course. Join the learning journey!

  • The World Bank
    Building GovTech & Digital Government Skills

    Apolitical’s Building GovTech & Digital Government Skills field guides, which was also supported by the World Bank's GovTech Global Partnership, are designed to help public servants understand an important policymaking issue, approach, skill or trend. It covers a range of topics from citizen engagement, the gender pay gap and government innovation to the GovTech and digital government skills.

    Each field guide has between 10-15 learning materials: a mix of in-depth reporting, expert editorials, resources and, at the end, an assessment — so keep an eye out for key details.


  • Public Administration and Institutional Reforms Unit
    Roby Senderowitsch, Practice Manager
  • GovTech Global Solutions Group
    Cem Dener, Global Lead
  • Kimberly Johns, Global Lead
  • GovTech Global Partnership
    Reinhard Haslinger, Program Manager
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