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GovTech: Putting People First

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GovTech Maturity Index

The GovTech Maturity Index (GTMI) was developed as part of the GovTech Initiative to introduce a measure of GovTech maturity in four focus areas — supporting core government systems, enhancing service delivery, mainstreaming citizen engagement, and fostering GovTech enablers— and to assist practitioners in the design of new digital transformation projects. Constructed for 198 economies, the GTMI is the most comprehensive measure of digital transformation in the public sector. The GTMI is not intended to create a ranking or assess a country’s readiness for or performance of GovTech; rather, it is intended to complement existing tools and diagnostics by providing a baseline and benchmark for GovTech maturity and identifying areas for improvement.

The 2022 version of the GTMI is the simple average of the normalized scores of four components:  

  • CGSI: The Core Government Systems Index (17 indicators) captures the key aspects of a whole-of-government approach, including government cloud, interoperability framework and other platforms.
  • PSDI: The Public Service Delivery Index (9 indicators) measures the maturity of online public service portals, with a focus on citizen centric design and universal accessibility.
  • DCEI: The Digital Citizen Engagement Index (6 indicators) measures aspects of public participation platforms, citizen feedback mechanisms, open data, and open government portals.
  • GTEI: The GovTech Enablers Index (16 indicators) captures strategy, institutions, laws, and regulations, as well as digital skills, and innovation policies and programs, to foster GovTech.