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2022 GovTech Maturity Index Update


What are the key findings of Central Government 2022 GTMI update?

The maturity of GovTech in the GTMI groups is depicted below. All 198 economies are grouped from A to D based on their average GTMI score. 


State of GovTech Around the World, by GTMI Groups, 2022


Globally, 35% of the economies are following good practices across key focus areas. The proportion of economies in the different GTMI groups are as follows: A (35%), B (23%), C (27%), and D (15%).

Based on the 2022 GTMI data on 198 economies, the average GTMI score is 0.552 out of 1. The average score is 0.575 for the Core Government Systems Index (CGSI), 0.649 for the Public Service Delivery Index (PSDI), 0.449 for the Digital Citizen Engagement Index (DCEI), and 0.536 for the GovTech Enablers Index (GTEI).


Source: World Bank data (average scores for 198 economies)


Based on the 2022 Central Government GTMI survey data, 154 out of 198 economies (78%) have launched digital government or GovTech initiatives and 147 economies (74%) have relevant strategies to address country-specific digital transformation challenges. These initiatives and further investments in shared digital platforms with a focus on improving online service delivery have improved the maturity of GovTech foundations in most of the countries within the last two years. Despite all these efforts, there are challenges in four GovTech focus areas especially the Sub-Saharan Africa (Group C and D economies).

The initial findings of the 2022 GTMI update reveals that the new key indicators included in the GovTech global dataset are relevant to capture the progress in the public sector digital transformation agenda in most countries and can assist in monitoring the performance / utilization of existing platforms in addition to the maturity of GovTech foundations.

A GTMI data visualization portal was developed to create a dashboard with maps and graphs aimed at helping the end-user digest and explore the findings of the GTMI and the GovTech projects database (presenting the details of 1450+ digital government/GovTech projects funded by the Word Bank in 147 countries since 1995).

The 2022 GTMI update launch event will be held on November 16, 2022, to present the findings, trends, and good practices and demonstrate the new data dashboard. The GTMI Team will focus on the publication of findings and the preparation of regional and country briefs in upcoming months to present the results of the 2022 GTMI update broadly.