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GovTech: Putting People First

The GovTech Global Partnership

To support aspiring GovTech countries in adopting sound practices and solutions, and to ensure a broad global partnership for effective exchange and transfer of knowledge and good practice, the GovTech Global Partnership (GTGP) was established by the World Bank's Governance Global Practice in 2019. The governments of Austria, the Republic of Korea and Switzerland are supporting the GTGP through a multi-donor trust fund. The Partnership’s vision extends beyond the trust fund and includes partnerships and dialogue with other interested countries, private sector and civil society organizations involved in GovTech domain.


GTGP Areas of Work

The GovTech Global Partnership supports beneficiary countries through a range of activities and works in three components:

  1. Analytics and thought leadership. The partnership is advancing the development of new knowledge, policy guidance and good practice examples. In the first year the following reports were produced: Artificial Intelligence in the Public Sector; The GovTech Procurement Practice Note and Finding Fraud: GovTech and Fraud Detection in the Public Administration. New reports include: The GovTech Handbook on Universal Accessibility and TechSavvy:  How to Build GovTech Skills in the Public Sector.
  2. Global public goods. This work program includes the enhancement of GovTech website where all analytical products can be found, together with the links to other partners and relevant web sources, and new online GovTech 101 course to be launched soon. Forthcoming GovTech Index will be used to measure the state of GovTech building blocks in WBG client countries, building on knowledge already gathered in the GovTech database of systems and e-services.  The Partnership will also host a series of learning events and knowledge exchanges including a government to government series open to our clients.
  3. Regional and country engagements. The Partnership also provides support to our work with specific clients. The work program supports technical advisory work, strengthening capacity and skills in country, piloting GovTech solutions and helping country teams to advance the GovTech dialogue and partnerships at the local level.   The first call for proposals for grants to support country work was launched in September 2020 and 70+ applications were received.

For the program period July 2020- June 2021, the GTGP particularly supports the following strategic themes

  • Supporting COVID-19 Response and Recovery: The Covid19 response has posed significant challenges and provided opportunities to implement GovTech solutions for resilience, business continuity, service delivery, and citizen engagement and awareness raising. Countries around the world have sped up innovation and development of GovTech tools and solutions to manage response, continue to provide necessary administrative services, push critical alerts and information as well as engage with citizens to answer questions and understand concerns, and other.
  • Organizing for Effective Digital Government: This theme will support work aimed at promoting well-coordinated digital governments including promoting the whole-of-Government GovTech approach, and targeted GovTech skills development for Government officials. As countries transition to more integrated and seamless whole-of- government digitization approaches, there is a need for assistance, particularly around clear institutional roles and responsibilities to manage reforms, as well as shared services to realize economies of scale and reduce redundancies in investments.
  • Government Service Delivery and Citizen Engagement: Work under this theme may include efforts and GovTech solutions that employ user-centric service design principles, and target GovTech enabled citizen engagement and participation. Client countries remain focused on improving access, quality and efficiency of administrative services through digitalization with a view to making government services user-centric.
  • Data Platforms and Governance: This theme will focus on work that helps develop robust data platforms and support responsible data governance and data management. The growth of technology and resulting data collection from governments highlight the need for robust data protection. Governments collect and generate a tremendous amount of data that can be used to support evidence-based policymaking and planning, creation of value-added services, and support accountability through third party monitoring. However, these opportunities also come with risk. Regulations on data governance, management and use are required to ensure proper safeguards.
  • Special Theme: Universal Accessibility: Under IDA19, the World Bank has committed to supporting 12 countries over the next three years to implement universally accessible GovTech solutions. Universally accessible GovTech services (which includes the modality and content of services) requires that services are designed in a manner that can be accessed, understood and used by all persons regardless of disability, age, use of assistive devices, location or internet access. It applies to hardware (e.g. electronic kiosks, touch screen interfaces) and software components (e.g. websites, electronic documents, forms, e-portals, multimedia). This theme will focus on work that helps ensure people with disabilities have access to and are able to use GovTech solutions.

GTGP Annual Work Program FY21

The World Bank launched the GTGP Multi-Donor Trust Fund (MDTF) to ensure that the public sectors in countries keep up with the pace of technology development and capitalize on opportunities for its use.
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GovTech Launch Event

This GovTech event aimed to drill down on the role of digital technology in the public sector in reducing extreme poverty and boosting shared prosperity.
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GovTech: A Global Partnership

GovTech is a whole-of-government approach to digitalization that promotes simple, transparent and efficient government. GovTech supports digital transformation to deliver simple, transparent and universally accessible services, promote civic participation, accountability and trust, and modernize core government operations.


GovTech Global Partnership
Reinhard Haslinger, Program Manager
Love Ghunney, Governance and Public Sector Specialist