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GovTech: Putting People First

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The GovTech Global Partnership

To support countries in adopting sound practices and solutions in GovTech, and to ensure a broad global partnership for effective exchange and transfer of knowledge and good practice, the GovTech Global Partnership (GTGP) was first established by the World Bank's Governance Global Practice partnership with the Government of Switzerland, Austria, and Korea in 2019. The GTGP is a multi-stakeholder initiative that includes advanced and aspiring GovTech countries, development partners, private sector, academia, civil society, and others involved in the GovTech domain.

The GovTech Global Partnership supports beneficiary countries through a range of activities and works in three components:

1.  Analytical and Thought Leadership. The partnership is advancing the development of new knowledge, policy guidance and good practice examples.

2.  Global Public Goods and Convening. This work program includes a range of capacity building and knowledge exchanges such as the GovTech Maturity Index, the development of handbooks and toolkits, self-paced online learning courses, and regular knowledge sharing events.  

3.  Country and Regional Engagement. The Partnership supports client countries with technical advisory work such as assessments, strategies, capacity building as well as developing, piloting and implementing GovTech solutions.

GovTech Global Partners 

GovTech Partnership, Tallberg Foundation

The GovTech Global Partnership engages partners worldwide to exchange knowledge and experiences, and collaborate towards stronger, more inclusive and citizen centered GovTech solutions. 


The GovTech GP also engages with other partners:

Through the GovTech Working Groups 

  • Interoperability Working Group: Indonesia (co-chair), Portugal (co-chair), Argentina, Cabo Verde, Canada, Citibeats, Denmark, EU-DIGIT, Korea, Lisbon Council, Mozambique, New Zealand, Open Group, Public Digital, Saudi Arabia, Timor-Leste, United Kingdom and UNU-eGOV.
  • Cloud Computing Working Group: Singapore (co-chair), United Kingdom (co-chair), India, Israel, Japan, Korea, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates and Uruguay.
  • Mobile Government Working Group: Austria (co-chair), Brazil (co-chair), Bangladesh, Belgium, Estonia, Greece, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Korea, Moldova, Morocco, Mozambique, Portugal, Panama, Peru, Qatar, Switzerland, Tunisia, UAE, Ukraine and Uruguay.

Through grants for GovTech projects 

Algeria | Brazil |Bulgaria | Cambodia |Chile | Dominican Republic | Egypt | Ghana | Guatemala | Indonesia | Kenya | Malawi | Moldova | Mongolia | Panama | Philippines |Regional | Solomon Islands | Somalia | Zimbabwe 

The GovTech work is being funded by several sources

  • The Governance & Institutions umbrella trust fund (website pending, partners include FCDO UK, Chandler Foundation, MacArthur Foundation, and Hewlett Foundation)
  • Externally funded output and the GTGP trust fund (not replenishable)
  • World Bank resources


The World Bank

GovTech: A Global Partnership

GovTech is a whole-of-government approach to digitalization that promotes simple, transparent and efficient government. GovTech supports digital transformation to deliver simple, transparent and universally accessible services, promote civic participation, accountability and trust, and modernize core government operations.


The World Bank

GovTech: A Global Partnership

Today, millions of people around the world continue to suffer in poverty. Global inequality has created an uneven playing field where countries struggle to reach their potential. If all governments used technology better, we could end this disparity. Better governments mean progress toward a world free of poverty and a step closer to shared prosperity. GovTech brings governments and technology together to transform public services to improve the lives of citizens around the world. Jon us and put people first with GovTech.


  • GovTech Global Partnership
    Reinhard Haslinger, Program Manager