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Cloud Computing Working Group

Cloud computing is key for governments’ digital transformation. The public sector has embraced cloud computing to enhance public service delivery and administration, but cloud computing still poses risks and challenges to consider. Cloud computing can enable efficiency, scalability, inclusion, and sustainability, but it also poses risks towards data privacy and sovereignty, cyber security, or vendor lock-in.

The Cloud Computing Working Group has advised and provided inputs on the Cloud Computing How-to-Note (download here and here) produced by the World Bank GovTech Team

The Cloud Computing Working Group is chaired jointly by Singapore and the United Arab Emirates, with the secretariat and administrative assistance of the GovTech Global Team. There are 27 member governments, private sector organizations, think tanks and international organizations: Singapore (co-chair), United Arab Emirates (co-chair), Astana Civil Service Hub, Amazon Web Services, Austria, Bangladesh, Brazil, Citibeats, CLAD, Digital Economist, EVC, Globant, Greece, India, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea, Lisbon Council, Mastercard, Microsoft, Mozambique, GovTech Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom UNU-EGOV, and Uruguay.