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GovTech: Putting People First

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Projects Funded by the GovTech Global Partnership

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    Advancing systems and supporting GovTech enablers to prevent corruption and facilitate meaningful roll-out of the envisioned E-Justice System

    This ongoing project supports core systems and GovTech enablers in anticorruption and justice in Armenia. Activities include developing a proof of concept for data-driven anticorruption policymaking and an ICT governance framework for effective management of ICT investments to the E-Justice System.

  • Ethiopia
    Assessment of the enabling conditions for e-services

    This project aims to identify GovTech-enabling policy and institutional reforms in Ethiopia to improve service delivery for poor and vulnerable citizens. It will assess the environment for e-services expansion and develop a prioritized investment plan focusing on innovation and sustainability.

  • Bosnia Govetech
    Building GovTech enablers in Bosnia and Herzegovina
    Bosnia and Herzegovina

    This project supports BiH governments in crafting recommendations for a GovTech agenda and enhancing digital platforms for better public service efficiency and accessibility. Activities aim to develop nationwide GovTech recommendations and strengthen digital platforms.

  • Vietnam GovTech
    Civic-Tech to promote citizen-centric participation in public service delivery

    This project seeks to boost public service sector capacity for information disclosure, citizen engagement, and feedback management. To achieve this, the project initiative will benchmark financial disclosure by public service delivery units, benchmark and evaluate Vietnam's public feedback integration processes, and develop recommendations for CivicTech to digitalize the processes.

  • Rwanda Govtech
    E-Procurement (UMUCYO) Quantitative Impact Assessment

    This objective of this project is to develop a constitutive assessment of Rwanda's E-Procurement system, and to leverage the gaps and benefits to develop a second-generation system. This project will collect data from e-procurement stakeholders and present recommendations for systems improvement.

  • Ecuador GovTech
    Enhancing Public Service Delivery in Ecuador: Scaling up the Platform

    Through this ongoing project, the Bank is engaged with Ecuador's Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Society (MINTEL). The objective of this project is to bolster Ecuador's Platform, which is key to accelerating the improvement and transformation of digital services. Activities include developing recommendations around scaling frameworks, digital service models, government architecture, and technical specifications

  • Cameroon GovTech
    Interoperability of public financial management systems

    This project sets out to support the development of an interoperability framework for Cameroun’s Ministry of Finance to foster efficiency in the execution of public resources. To do so, the project will work with the Ministry to conduct institutional/organizational assessments, an inventory of registries/databases, an analysis of IT infrastructure, and provide recommendations on the development of an interoperability framework.

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    Modernization and Integration of the Human Resource Management Information System

    This project assists Cambodia's Ministry of Civil Service in modernizing its existing Human Resource Management Information System (HRMIS), including roadmap development and online payroll module enhancement. Currently, it's advancing the online payroll module on the status change update of civil servants. 

  • GovTech
    Public Administration Reform Project (PAREP)

    Improving government platform adoption in Djibouti, this ongoing project aids ANSIE and MDENI stakeholders. Activities include change management strategies, process examination, and developing secure and efficient digital platforms.

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    Strengthening public procurement process in Cambodia through GovTech solutions

    This project analyzes the requirements for modernizing Cambodia's electronic public procurement system (eGP), focusing on introducing electronic bid submissions to enhance transparency and efficiency, while considering sustainable procurement. Building on an existing eGP readiness assessment, the project will provide assistance through stakeholder consultation workshops, recommendations for eGP functional development, and indicator development for monitoring performance and sustainability.

  • Nepal GovTech
    Unlocking digital citizen-centric service delivery

    Working with the government, this project aims to enhance service accessibility and efficiency, particularly by evaluating the readiness of provincial and local governments in Nepal for technology-driven citizen-centric service delivery. This objective will be achieved through a readiness assessment, cataloging of key services provided, and supported with dissemination and policy dialogue.