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Projects Funded by the GovTech Global Partnership

Last Updated: June 2022

Here’s the list of the new projects that the GTGP has identified for support in the forthcoming year: 

  • cambodia flag
    Modernization and Integration of the Human Resource Management Information System

    The project will provide technical assistance to support the ongoing Human Resource Management Information System modernization efforts of the of the Ministry of Civil Service. It will provide technical advice to Cambodia’s Ministry of Civil Service in the following areas:

    • The preparation of a modernization roadmap for HRMIS, 
    • Pptions and feasibility of the prototype cloud-based deployment model and government service bus
    • Providing necessary capacity building/training including study visit
  • chile flag
    Strengthening the service delivery and program management system to respond to and prevent gender-based violence

    The activity aims to strengthen a beneficiary focused IT platform that provides early warning of cases of gender-based violence and facilitatescooperation in case management by ministries, public services, regional governments and municipalities in Chile.

  • ghana flag
    Mobile-Based Beneficiary Feedback Feasibility Project

    The objective of the activity is to improve efficiency and accountability in the delivery of selected services by selected entities. The Bank will support the government of Ghana by studying the feasibility of a mobile-based proactive beneficiary feedback system, which will allow selected entities to collect real-time feedback at service delivery points, and take corrective measures based on the feedback.

  • malawi flag
    Platform for Inclusive Citizen Engagement in Local Service Delivery

    The activity will support the experimentation/innovation that strengthens the inclusive design and institutional roll-out of the prototype of the Malawi CE Platform – a web-based, real-time data platform aims to:

    • advance transparency of the use of discretionary development funds by local governments
    • enable real-time feedback and interaction with citizens
    • facilitate government responsiveness to citizen voices
    • provide an additional datapoint for evidence-based decision-making to improve spending effectiveness and efficiency.
  • philippines
    Digital Transformation through Data and Information Platform on Indigenous Peoples for Inclusive Development
    The Republic of the Philippines

    This activity aims to support the National Commission on Indigenous Peoples (NCIP) to develop a data and information portal to integrate and analyze Indigenous Peoples data information and build NCIP’s capacity for evidence-based policymaking and inclusive development in the Philippines.

  • solomon island
    Leveraging project engagement to achieve broader gains in public financial management and inter-governmental information systems
    Solomon Island

    The objective of this activity l is to provide targeted TA in key areas to strengthen a process of developing and piloting a suite of systems comprising software, processes, skills and capacity, to be undertaken by the Integrated Economic Development and Community Resilience Project (IEDCR), that will help modernise core Provicial Government processes such as Public Financial Management and integrate them with Ward level tools as well as National Government systems.