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Lessons from in-house development of Integrated Public Financial Management System: The Bolivia Experience

January 19, 2023
Online | Zoom

Bolivia has been one of the pioneer countries on the development and implementation of integrated public financial management information systems (IFMIS) in the Latin America and Caribbean region with the development of the Integrated Management and Administrative Modernization System (Sistema Integrado de Gestión y Modernización Administrativa – SIGMA). Over the last years the Bolivian government has been working on developing the Public Management System (Sistema de Gestion Pública – SIGEP) as a replacement solution to SIGMA following an in-house approach. This session will present the Bolivian approach to in-house system development, the challenges encountered and solutions to overcome them. The session will also provide insights into the governance framework for system development and implementation strategy with a focus on small and medium-sized municipalities. It will also provide an overview of forthcoming developments to SIGEP. 


  •  The Bolivian approach for IFMIS development and features of the solution.
  • Challenges encountered on IFMIS in-house development in Bolivia and how they were overcome.
  • Governance framework for system development.
  • Implementation strategy at the subnational level




  • January 19, 2023: 2:30 PM - 4:00PM ET