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Governance & Institutions Umbrella Program (G&I)

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umbrella program

Good governance, trust, transparency, and the ability of governments to implement policies effectively are essential for development progress and poverty reduction.


The Government & Institutions Umbrella Program brings together partners committed to achieving better governance outcomes. The Program was launched in 2022 with the generous support of the Chandler Foundation, the Hewlett Foundation, and the MacArthur Foundation. Since then, the UK Government’s Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO), the European Union, the Ministry of Economy and Finance of the Republic of Korea, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Estonia also joined the program. These valued partners help to fund, collaborate, and share knowledge, resources, and ideas to address common governance challenges.


    These thematic areas are essential building blocks for good governance. In each of these areas, we convene partners to accelerate global learning and institutional change by sharing good practices, generating new lessons, investing in global knowledge, and ensuring client countries are well informed and guided on what is working and empowered to implement reforms. Working with client countries and partners, we strive to work towards:

    • Better datasets, pilots, and impact evaluations.
    • Skilled and capable civil servants and government agencies.
    • Access to more resources such as toolkits, flagship reports, policy notes, and briefs.
    • More online training courses, peer-to-peer exchanges, and country-based training, workshops, and conferences.
    • More engagements with key partners and stakeholders to create new global and local partnerships.
    • Innovative GovTech and digital transformation.  


The program is structured around three broad modules:

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    MODULE 1: Organization and People

    Supports public administration and institutions reform, subnational governance and decentralization.

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    MODULE 2: Open Government, Anticorruption, and Technology

    Supports openness and transparency and reducing corruption, including building upon the World Bank’s new Anticorruption Action Plan and GovTech.

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    MODULE 3: Institutions of Accountability

    Supports justice and the rule of law, legislative bodies, multi-stakeholder engagement and citizen-centric reforms.

How does corruption affect us?

Is the cost of corruption just the amount of bribes paid?  How does corruption impact society? How does corruption affect the environment? How does corruption affect lives?