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Governance & Institutions Umbrella Program (G&I)

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umbrella program


The Program supports activities in:

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  • DATA
  • Partners

Global activities focus on global public goods diagnostic and assessment tools, research and dissemination, knowledge, and learning. Regional activities include more specific knowledge and learning, such as peer-to-peer learning networks. Country activities support the implementation of diagnostics, and analytics and provide critical technical assistance to counterparts in government, in collaboration with the private sector and civil society.

Highlights of Key Activities

Activities cut across thematic areas that while diverse, are strategically focused.

  • fiscal transparency

    In Nigeria we are working with partners to improve fiscal data transparency, leveraging World Bank lending operations to deepen and institutionalize reforms in existing projects to support analysis and stakeholder engagement. The project aims to strengthen the link between transparency and accountability. Learn more about the project here

  • justice

    In Zambia we are working to strengthen justice through two components. The first is conducting assessments for both the demand side and supply side of justice, particularly looking at Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) processes and systems in Zambia. The second component involves developing a strategic roadmap for judicial sector reforms to strengthen the judicial system, its independence, autonomy, and timeliness and efficiency in delivering of its services to citizens.

  • magnifying glass

    In Kenya we are working with partners to accelerate reforms by sharing information and building capacity for beneficial ownership registries that help identify individuals who ultimately control or enjoy the benefits of property rights. Read this blog on the work on the Beneficial Ownership Transparency Project

  • institutions

    In Armenia, Georgia, and Moldova, we are working to strengthen transparency, accountability, and access to services. Public institutions reform and GovTech are areas of focus for Armenia and Georgia, while in Moldova it is anti-corruption. Read more about our work in Armenia in this blog

  • globe

    In this initiative, we facilitate dialogue with partners, experts, and stakeholders to promote discussions around the cost of corruption including organizing a key convening of the Anticorruption for Development Forum. Read this blog on the ‘Cost of Corruption’

  • contract

    We leverage a wide spectrum of stakeholders and civil society organizations in country diagnostics, strategies, and programs, placing a special focus on the Sahel region and Central Africa. Read the regional report on Social Contracts for Development