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What is the GTMI?

What is the GTMI?

The GovTech Maturity Index (GTMI) measures the key aspects of four GovTech focus areas: enhancing service delivery, supporting core government systems, mainstreaming citizen engagement, and GovTech enablers, based on the World Bank’s definition of GovTech. The objective of the GTMI is to assist practitioners in the design of new digital transformation projects.

The GTMI is the simple average of the normalized scores of four components. The 2020 GTMI calculations were based on the following components:  

  • CGSI: The Core Government Systems Index (15 indicators) captures the key aspects of a whole-of-government approach, including government cloud, interoperability framework and other platforms.
  • PSDI: The Public Service Delivery Index (9 indicators) measures the maturity of online public service portals, with a focus on citizen centric design and universal accessibility.
  • DCEI: The Digital Citizen Engagement Index (12 indicators) measures aspects of public participation platforms, citizen feedback mechanisms, open data, and open government portals.
  • GTEI: The GovTech Enablers Index (15 indicators) captures strategy, institutions, laws, and regulations, as well as digital skills, and innovation policies and programs, to foster GovTech.  

The 2022 GTMI update is based on the same four components, but the number of key indicators used for the calculation of the GTMI groups are slightly different due to the inclusion of several new indicators.

How is the GovTech Maturity Index Different from other indexes?

Although existing digital government surveys and indices are useful to monitor the progress in digital government initiatives and good practices in general. However, none of them is are assessing progress in all of the four GovTech focus areas. The GTMI addresses this gap, while incorporating the external indices to complement each other.

Based on the comparative analyses with relevant indices, it can be concluded that the indicators defined for the GTMI produce consistent results when compared to other relevant indicators of digital government and measure the less known dimensions related to GovTech foundations adequately.

Who might find this Index useful?

The target audience of the GTMI report are government officials (policymakers and technical specialists), World Bank task teams, and other practitioners involved in the design and implementation of GovTech solutions, and academia.