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Nigeria GovTech CoP Sessions

NASRDA-World Bank GovTech Session: Spreadsheet Mapping

September 21, 2021

This session will introduce the not-so-well-known tools in Excel to do mapping and advanced data analytics by showcasing an early version of a Nigeria State-level Database drawn from various sources (e.g. reports, Google Earth Engine and GIS Analytics, etc.) and also show how these can be leveraged to generate insights and be integrated into online Storymaps.  The database will also be transferred to NASRDA for further updating and use. Other spreadsheet-based tools to facilitate spatial visualization and analytics will also be discussed. Please do join to get a glimpse at some unconventional but more easily accessible spatial data analytics tools.

Brought to you by the World Bank Disruptive KIDS (Knowledge, Information and Data Services) Helpdesk and GovTech team.

Tech Learning Session: A Quick Primer on Earth Observation

August 12, 2021

Session Replay Access Passcode: : Eb+x&339

Introduction to Big Data: Clustering by Dr. Jude Adeleke (NASRDA)

July 13, 2021

Session Replay Access Passcode: %1o^9R1p

Google Earth Engine

June 10, 2021

Session Replay Access Passcode: ^cuj7#k!

Virtual Geospatial Story Maps

May 17, 2021

Access Passcode: iL2*%$Z.

Parminder P. S. Brar
Lead Governance Specialist