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Tokyo Development Learning Center (TDLC)

Operational Support

TDLC program - OS image

TDLC’s Operational Support (OS) activities utilize the knowledge and expertise of Japanese city authorities and urban development experts to provide customized advisory, analytics, and capacity-building assistance that enhance ongoing and pipeline World Bank–financed projects in developing countries.

Operational Support provides World Bank client country representatives with access to customized support that helps them scale their projects back home.

"Quality infrastructure investment principles are a great way to plan quality urban development that serves to better the future for citizens in Kenya."
Participant in the Extended Operational Technical Deep Dive in Kenya

The World Bank leverages TDLC’s Operational Support both at the upstream stage, using it in conjunction with Technical Deep Dives to help identify new support opportunities for developing countries in connection with World Bank projects, and at the project implementation stage, to inform and support such projects. 

FY23 Results  

OS Partnership photo_FY23

  • Greater impact to World Bank operations with more structured and intensive OS activities
  • 3 OS activities conducted in India, Somalia and Madagascar
  • Supported 3 World Bank lending projects worth US$728.5 million, targeting 4.52 million beneficiaries (consider rounding numbers)
  • 110 knowledge recipients (35% female) composed of 92 government counterparts and 18 Task Team Members
  • 26 experts deployed, consisting of 15 Japanese experts and 11 international experts
  • 2 Japanese cities engaged for operational advice

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