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Tokyo Development Learning Center (TDLC)

Partnership and Collaboration

City Partnership Program

TDLC program - CPP infographic
CPP cities

The City Partnership Program (CPP) was launched in 2016, drawing on TDLC’s close connections with a number of Japanese cities. It is a critical component of our overall program that is leveraged across all TDLC activities.  

Seven Japanese cities currently participate in the CPP. The first four—Kitakyushu, Kobe, Toyama, and Yokohama—were selected in July 2016 by a committee of development professionals. Fukuoka and Kyoto became members in 2018, and Hiroshima joined in 2023.  

CPP cities are selected on the basis of their global leadership in the development sector and their knowledge of and expertise in relevant urban development topics. The program supports the provision of practical know-how, insights, and operational expertise. To further enhance the effectiveness and reach of the CPP, TDLC collaborates with other Japanese cities, including Tokyo and Osaka, as well as with cities, government agencies, and knowledge agents in other countries. 

TDLC’s collaboration with CPP cities and other cities and entities includes inviting their officers to speak at local or international conferences and Technical Deep Dives, developing customized case studies showcasing a city’s particular expertise and experiences, and engaging them with TDLC’s Operational Support activities through the sharing of practical expertise and experience. 

FY23 Results

FY23_TDLC Partnership and Collaboration

  • Hiroshima City enrolled as 7th CPP City (in addition to Fukuoka, Kitakyushu, Kobe, Kyoto, Toyama and Yokohama)
  • 11 TDLC activities supported by CPP cities through expert deployment, technical presentations, and site visits
  • 4 non-CPP Cities Toshima Ward (Tokyo), Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Sendai and Hamamatsu tapped to share lessons and expertise in TDLC activities
  • CPP assessment to strengthen cooperation with Japanese cities completed
  • Joint-work with National Government Agencies in the preparation and delivery of 8 TDLC events

"Through our work with TDLC, we realized that the technologies, know-how, and systems that Fukuoka has produced in collaboration with the private sector can be beneficial for developing countries."
Kazuhiro Kubota
Executive Director of the International Bureau, Fukuoka
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