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Tokyo Development Learning Center (TDLC)

Outreach and Dissemination

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TDLC actively collaborates with City Partnership Program (CPP) cities and other external stakeholders to host or co-organize a wide range of symposiums, events, and seminars. Some aim to share the World Bank-TDLC approach to urban development with Japanese stakeholders while others focus on sharing Japanese knowledge and experience with a wider global community of urban development experts and practitioners. 

Hiroshima International Symposium Panel Discussion
Panel Discussion at the International Symposium “From Recovery to Growth: Learning From Hiroshima’s Experience” - Dialogue between Hiroshima, Ukraine and other Eastern European and Central Asian Countries - (Photo: World Bank Group).

In addition, TDLC is invited to participate in events arranged by other bodies to share our expertise in specific fields. We also collaborate with other international or government agencies to provide training support for education programs or to provide lectures at selected universities.  


Research and Publication

TDLC conducts various research activities on key urban topics to develop new knowledge that contributes to the Bank’s global studies and research initiatives.    

TDLC’s publications touch on a wide range of key urban topics broadly categorized under the following three themes:  

  • Urban policy and governance: Strategies, governance frameworks, and institutional arrangements that determine how cities and towns should be built or transformed. This also covers related key topics such as the environment, social inclusion, and economic development. 
  • Infrastructure and services: Urban infrastructure as well as the public services that are essential for city dwellers. Key topics include solid waste management, public transport, water supply systems, and public spaces.  
  • Emerging topics and technology: Studies and research on cutting-edge urban development topics that are becoming increasingly relevant as a result of recent advances in technology.  

▶ See our full list of Publications.


FY23 Results

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TDLC continued to collaborate with our partners on outreach and dissemination through joint events, development of knowledge products, and communications and outreach.

  • 3 TDLC organized in-person knowledge events totaling about 834 participants
    • 13th Asia-Pacific City Summit side event on Healthy Cities
    • International Symposium on Hiroshima’s experience
    • Conclave on Urbanization and Development in Fragile Mountain Eco-Systems
  • Participation in 8 knowledge events organized by partner organizations and attended by about 768 participants
  • 3 knowledge products completed or under development
    • Hiroshima Background Paper
    • Knowledge Product on Operation & Maintenance
    • Knowledge Product on Art Festivals and Economic Development
  • High media exposure both online and in print promoting visibility for TDLC activities

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