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Kitakyushu City has received international recognition for its efforts to overcome environmental challenges while supporting economic growth. In 2011, the OECD selected Kitakyushu, a modern industrial city, as the first "Green Growth City" in Asia to be assessed under its Green Growth Cities Program, together with Paris, Chicago, and Stockholm. In line with its vision of realizing a circular economy, Kitakyushu actively collaborates with international initiatives such as the United Nations Environment Programme, undertaking several supporting activities, including projects promoting solutions to the problem of marine plastic litter in Asian waters.  

Kitakyushu, which became a partner city of the TDLC's City Partnership Program in 2017, has been providing its expertise and knowledge in solid waste management and other areas through Technical Deep Dives and other events. This has helped provide new perspectives and solutions for urban development practitioners and government officials working on solid waste management and environmental issues in client countries. In addition, as part of its Operational Support program, TDLC dispatches representatives and experts from Kitakyushu to client countries to assist with knowledge exchange and application efforts overseas. 

Key topics of engagement

  • Solid waste management  

  • Circular economy  

  • Environment and marine litter


Voice of the city

“Since we became a partner city of the City Partnership Program, we have accomplished a lot of projects with the World Bank, including contributing to the report "Kitakyushu Model Subsector: Interplay between Solid Waste and Urban Flood Risk", delivering Technical Deep Dives on solid waste management, and dispatching our experts to Panama City to assist on Operational Support projects. We will continue to leverage the World Bank network to promote our city's international environmental policies and contribute to the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals globally.” 

Mayumi Oda, Executive Director, Overseas Environmental Project Department, Environment Bureau, City of Kitakyushu

Key recent collaborations

*As of November 2021


Key Publications

Report cover: What A Waste 2.0

What a Waste 2.0: A Global Snapshot of Solid Waste Management to 2050

Features Kitakyushu's initiatives on Solid Waste Management.

November 2018

Report cover: Municipal Solid Waste Management: A Roadmap for Reform for Policy Makers

Municipal Solid Waste Management: A Roadmap for Reform for Policy Makers

Features Kitakyushu's initiatives on Solid Waste Management.

April 2018

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