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Virtual Technical Deep Dive on Solid Waste Management

October 19-23, 2020

Tokyo, Japan

  • While the composition of solid waste and its management differ across cities, there are common challenges related to holistic planning and policy, sustainable financing, appropriate technology selection, integration of informal workers, citizen and private sector engagement, and governance.

    Given the importance of this topic to cities, Tokyo Development Learning Center (TDLC) organized a Technical Deep Dive (TDD) on Solid Waste Management (SWM) in collaboration with the Japanese cities of Fukuoka and Kitakyushu. This year, a special focus was given to challenges and solutions for addressing the problem of medical waste and it also addressed the issue of waste management in the context of COVID-19.

    The TDD showcased Japan’s journey over the decades in developing a circular economy and served as a platform for countries facing similar urban development challenges to find appropriate solutions by learning from their global peers.

  • Day 1

    • Welcome & TDD objectives
    • Framing panel discussion: A global picture of SWM
    • Client challenge presentations 1 & 2 
    • Japan case study 1: Solid Waste Management- Laws, Policies, Institutional Structure, and Financial Mechanism in Japan 
    • Intro to TDLC Operational Support

    Day 2

    • Thematic session 1A – Policy Aspects, Sector Development Scenarios, and Treatment Mix
    • Japan case study 2- Solid Waste Management in Kitakyushu 
    • Virtual site visit 1 and debrief- Waste Management in Kitakyushu: From Waste Collection to Final Treatment 
    • Thematic session 1B – Financing Solid Waste Management
    • Group discussion

    Day 3

    • Thematic sessions 2A - Separation at Source and Material Recycling
    • Thematic sessions 2B – Energy Recovery Technologies
    • Group discussion
    • Intro to QII Trust Fund and DRM Hub
    • Action planning

    Day 4

    • Thematic session 3A – Integrating the Informal Sector and the Role of Social Enterprises
    • Japan case study 3- Solid Waste Management and PPP (Fukuoka case study: night-time trash collection and Fukuoka method) 
    • Japan case study 4- Program Management and Capacity Building (Kitakyushu case study)
    • Debrief of Japan case studies
    • Thematic session 3B – Plastic Pollution and Upstream Circular Economy Instruments
    • Thematic session 3C – Medical Waste and Municipal Solid Waste in the time of Covid-19
    • Action planning

    Day 5

    • Action plan presentations 1 & 2
    • Closing 

    *List only key agenda. Agenda is subject to change.

  • Yuji Aoyagi

    Executive Director, Kitakyushu Bureau of Environment

    Delphine Arri

    Senior Environmental Engineer, World Bank

    Farouk Banna

    Senior Urban Sanitation Specialist, World Bank

    Yasuo Furusawa

    Director, Sustainable Materials Management, Tokyo Metropolitan Government

    Shiko Hayashi

    Program Director, Institute for Global Environmental Strategies

    Haruka Imoto

    Operations Officer, TDLC, World Bank

    Kremena Ionkova

    Senior Urban Development Specialist, World Bank

    Silpa Kaza

    Urban Development Specialist, World Bank

    Catalina Marulanda

    Practice Manager, World Bank

    Toshikazu Mito

    Consultant, World Bank

    Victor Mulas

    Senior Program Officer, TDLC, World Bank

    Yuichi Ono

    Director, Resource Circulation Division, Fukuoka Bureau of Environment

    Yoshiki Tahata

    Waste Collection Management Section, Fukuoka Bureau of Environment

    Shin Tanabe

    Knowledge Management Analyst, TDLC, World Bank

    Shoko Tawara

    Knowledge Management Analyst, TDLC, World Bank

    Horacio Christian Terraza

    Lead Urban Specialist, World Bank

    Takashi Umeki

    Facility Section Chief, Fukuoka Bureau of Environment

    Frank van Woerden

    Lead Environmental Engineer, World Bank

    Maitreyi Das

    Practice Manager, World Bank

    Hideyuki Kawanabe

    Fukuoka Kankyou Seibi Co., Ltd

    Sameh Wahba

    Global Director, World Bank

    Clive Harris

    Lead Infrastructure Specialist, World Bank

    Jared Mercadante

    Disaster Risk Management (DRM) Specialist, World Bank


  • Date/Time: Monday, October 19th to Friday, October 23rd, 2020
  • Venue: Online
  • Language: English
  • CONTACT: Tokyo Development Learning Center (TDLC)