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GovTech: Putting People First


Tech Savvy : Advancing GovTech Reforms in Public Administration

There are a number of challenges that need to be overcome for GovTech solutions to work, and this report focuses on three key challenges that the World Development Report (WDR) 2016 called the analog complements, which underpin effective digital transformation in the public sector: a whole-of-government coordination, civil service digital skill development, and an innovative culture in public sector organizations. This report focuses on three key analogue complements that can get in the way of successful GovTech projects: coordination, capacity, and culture.

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Service Upgrade: The GovTech Approach to Citizen Centered Services

This note presents a four-stage framework and practical step by step guidance to clients and task teams looking to modernize administrative services. The guidebook focuses on improving citizen centricity, quality, efficiency and reach of e-services. It includes advice on how citizen centricity can be incorporated into the modernization process, and highlights challenges governments may face in each stage. It includes a variety of country examples to illustrate good practices and current trends in service design and delivery.

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GovTech Case Studies: Solutions that Work

A series of GovTech case study notes provides a better understanding of GovTech focus areas by introducing concrete experiences of adopting GovTech solutions, lessons learned and what worked or did not work. The first set of case studies explores GovTech solutions implemented in Brazil, Cambodia, Georgia, Lesotho, Myanmar, and Nigeria.

GovTech: The New Frontier in Digital Government Transformation

This brief introduces GovTech for the World Bank staff and client countries to support public sector modernization using technology. The note helps teams and country officials working on the GovTech agenda by providing a clear definition and clarity on GovTech concepts for use in policy dialogues and operations.

GovTech State of Play: Challenges and Opportunities

This brief details the current status of our GovTech agenda that aims to support task teams engaging with clients to work on public sector modernization using technology and grappling with how proposed solutions align with the GovTech approach.

GovTech Procurement Practice Note

The objective of the GovTech Procurement Practice Note is to explore how to better procure GovTech solutions. The note provides recommendations to World Bank teams and client countries on how to assess and prepare for the application of GovTech systems. As an example, e-Government Procurement (eGP), which is discussed in detail in this paper is a specific technology sub-category of GovTech that is applied to manage and automate public procurement processes.


Our GovTech publications are classified into 5 categories namely, Cross Cutting, Core Government SystemsPublic Service DeliveryCitizen Engagement, and GovTech Enablers . Browse through our reports, notes, case studies and more below:




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