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Digital Government Readiness Assessment Toolkit: Guidelines for Task Teams

The Digital Government Readiness Assessment (DGRA) Toolkit is a knowledge product developed as a global public good to help client countries leaders in digital agenda and Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) sector assess their current status, as well as their aspirations in digital development of the country and transformation of the public sector by leveraging digital solutions.


Changing Change Management: Adapting Internal and External Culture in Times of Digital Transformation

This research note examines the internal and external aspects of digital transformation and change management by discussing the introduction of Digital Financial Services (DFS) in an organization. The work draws on experiences and learnings on how to deal with the cultural, organizational, and business process changes impacting staff, customers, and funders when launching a digital channel.


Change Management That Works Making Impacts in Challenging Environment

This paper examines how change can happen in environments where public finances have historically been mismanaged by reviewing the experience of change management in two Public Financial Management (PFM) reform projects supported by the Bank and reviewing case studies and Financial Management Information Systems (FMIS) in Ministries of Finance in Asia, in Cambodia and Indonesia.


Managing Change in PFM System Reforms

This guidance note is intended to highlight important aspects of the change management programs in Public Financial Management (PFM) system modernization projects benefiting from selected country cases, and with an emphasis on adaptive leadership. The guide reviews the relevant literature and the World Bank activities/publications on change management and adaptive leadership. It identifies important aspects of change management/leadership programs in successful FMIS and other PFM system reform projects. It also highlights good practices in various regions; and will act as a benefit to practitioners involved in the development of technological change management programs.


Implementing a Unique Business Identifier in Government

Analysis of country cases have revealed a number of common issues encountered during implementation and operation of Unique Business Identifier (UBI) solutions. This note explores the emerging good practices that these countries have employed in addressing these challenges.